Ella Jacob

Ella Jacob


Mainly focused on creating a fresh and interesting sound. Somewhere between pop, rock and acoustic.


My music is focused on pop, rock and acoustic tones. I feel these seem to suit my voice better.
I listen to any genre of music, to get inspiration for my melodies and lyrics.

Music to me means everything. I know thats so over-used, but it's true. I'm still a teen myself, but I really couldn't imagine myself doing anything other a job in the future.

Many solo artists and bands influence my music. I couldn't really just pick one, and say that they were what inspired me, because I have far too many.

Set List

I have written over 60 songs that are completed. They all have lyrics and melodies to them.
The songs range from 3 and a half minutes to five minutes.

I do covers of all different songs, mainly on the guitar, but can also do them on the piano. The covers range from anything.