Elle Bandita

Elle Bandita

 Rotterdam, South Holland, NLD

Guitar rock diva extravaganza.



She’s only 23 years old, but already has a staggering musical historic background: Elle Bandita.
Starting out with nothing more than a 4-track cassette recorder, guitar and a drum computer, Elle released her first solo EP ‘Love Juice’ in early 2006. The Dutch media liked the taste of her raunchy electro punk and her wild and untamed live performances, and so a small snowball turned in to a tiny avalanche. Clubs and festivals were played, and the Dutch music scene welcomed this new female hurricane with open arms. Elle’s voice was also heard far beyond the borders of the Netherlands, and so she got invited to play in a.o. Oslo, Moscow, Berlin and Napels. After a while she got tired of the lo-fi songs and shows, and decided that she wanted to do something different.
So the past couple of years she played lead guitar in all-girl rock band ‘The Riplets’ (R.I.P), but that wasn’t enough for her. The way Elle combines musical influences such as Electro, Punk, Metal and Pop was clearly considered too dangerous for the average rock crowd, so she kept writing songs for her solo project on the side. Next to that, she toured the whole summer of 2008 with one of Holland’s most praised bands ‘Voicst’ and played the big festivals like Metropolis – Rotterdam, Sziget – Budapest, and even the Feyenoord stadium for a 30.000 people crowd! This girl is clearly not afraid of being on any stage.
After all this, Elle took some time off the stage, and went to record her new songs with producers Reyn Ouwehand, Billinger & Marsman, and Torre Florim. The result of which can be heard on debut album ‘Queen of Fools’, released on PIAS records in February 2009.


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjFBGmwHM3g
Live: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnpkkDVvp1o&feature=related