Elle Gallo

Elle Gallo


A soulful, powerful, funky, blues-infused rock band pulsing with the passion of a woman who's got it, means it, and ain't afraid to use it.


Sultry, soulful and packed with passion that defies specific genres, Elle's performances are sometimes compared to those of Bonnie Raitt, Joan Osbourn, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, and Adelle. Her honesty, sincerity and ability to let herself succumb to the lilting and haunting piano lines, the deep funk of the bass groove, the steadiness of a driving kick and the wailing energy of the electric guitar have earned her die-hard fans in New England who flock to experience a performance that at once yearns and explodes with a raw, naked, and powerful expression of a woman doing what she came here to do.

A fellow musician once said "When I play a show, I want people to wake up the next day and think: "that was an awesome band last night." Elle's response was "When I perform, I want them to wake up and say: I saw Elle last night, and I FEEL different today." It is her strong desire to not only entertain and share an outstanding musical experience with her audiences, but to reach them on a soul level and stir their spirits as they have stirred hers. It is that signature that causes her audiences to personally invest in her, "want" for her success and come back to see her time and time again.

As well as playing headlining slots at festivals like Bike Week Laconia, The Topsfield Fair, The Yankee Homecoming, The Women in Rock Festival, The Whaling City Festival, she has also been the supporting act for Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, Blondie, Travis Tritt, Keith Anderson and Steve Azar, Eli Paperboy Reed, Entrain, Ernie & the Automatics and others.

Best Female Vocalist new England, 2011 Limelight Magazine
Boston Battle of The Bands winners, 2009
Gimmesound.com's FAN CHOICE award winner 2010
Best Live Performance-HCTV 2010
Miss Massachusetts-1993

Elle loves all kinds of music. All in the same month you may find her in a trio playing melodic tunes with phenominal harmonies with Julie Dougherty on guitar and Dave Brown on dobro; or in a soulful trio with Brian Maes on keys and Mark Earley on sax; or rockin' out southern style in a duo with Chris Fitz; Or fronting a high-octane, kickin' it old school with full blown configuration of Dangerous Men.

Elle is a champion for women and children in need.

Elle is not only a force to be reckoned with on the music scene. Elle is the founder and creator of EVE RISING, a non profit organization whose mission is to bring musicians, artisans and business' together to help women and families in need.



Written By: Elle Gallo

I see her, she sees me
I know her somehow
I"m watching, she moves me
She's music now
She's beauty and wisdom
Salvation and peace
Complete and eternal
She's mystic release

With grace, with peace, with harmony
She dances on the air
Her words like angels whispers
melodic in my ear

She rides the sun
She rides the stars
She rides the moon
She rides my heart

She's timeless, connected
She's courage and strenth
her message: compassion
She's travelled great legnth

To heal the wounded wanderers who sleep while they're awake
She stirs the restless souls alive
With eloquence and grace

She rides the sun
She rides the stars
She rides the moon
She rides my heart

She's calling to every woman
You hear her, in the quiet of your mind she's there
The mother, the daughter she's the lover, she's the friend
She wants you to wake up and take her hand

She rides the sun
she rides the stars
she rides the moon
she rides my heart

Personal Demons

Written By: Elle Gallo

I've been betrayed
I've been mistreated
I am ashamed
I've been so misled
Abused and abandoned
alone and left dirty
allowing the demons and
keeping them fed

You have whipped me with reeds of ivy
I am beaten, I've lost all the fight
I've cried a personal ocean in which I drown myself everynight

You've walked up and down my spine
You've ooze'd up and down my body
Dominating all my mind
My soul in agony
Whispering screaming violence
You've crawled up and down my skin
Infecting the whole of my being with unforgiving sin.

Illusions, confusions, the master of fear
operates mentally, only I hear
The whispers of maddness the screams of disgust
The terrible saddness, the misdeeds of lust
Calls to me nightly just before dawn
When night is the blackest the demons are born
They come when I'm lonely, tired and weak
They look for the victims, the small and the meak.

I've been betrayed, I've been mistreated
I have betrayed, and I have misled
Abused and abandoned, the vampire, the victim, I am the demon tormenting my head.

Whipped myself with reeds of ivy
I have been punished, I've been crucified
I've creid myself a personal prison an sentenced myself to life.

Sins of Man

Written By: Elle Gallo

Found him early this morning
Coverin' his eyes from the blinding light
Found him alone in a corner
Hiding from last night
Begging for his life

Found her peddling for money
struggling for shelter on the street
wonderin' if her coat will warm her
when will she eat?
The rain soaks her feet

When will the story change?
What must we rearrange
How can we shed the pain?

Now I ask you:
How can we all just sit back
and let our young men die
wearing desinger labels
while our neighbors babies cry?
When one life is beaten down
None can fly

Heard a child cry out to Jesus
asking forgiveness for his sins
pleading to save his momma from his daddy's friends
the sins of men

Found them tourchured and buried
thousands of victims to evil's hands
waves of shock and terror washed through the land
The sins of all men

When will the sotry change
what must we rearrange
how can we shed the pain?

Now I ask you:
How can we all just sit back
while our soldiers mothers cry?
We're all held repsonsible when our nighbors babies die
when one live is beaten down
none can fly


Written By: Elle Gallo

A little girl walking along
A strong Daddy holding on
to her hand
She looks up to his face and smiles
She starts to run
He starts to laugh
He scoops her up, no holding back
And she's soaring throughthe sky
she giggles and she cries

She says I'm spinning
around and around and around and around
I'm spinning
around and around and around and around
I'm spinning around and around and around and around
and it seems like the world just stopped for a minute

She's 22, falling in love
never wonders if she'll be enough for the boy
She looks into his face and smiles
With his touch he says so much
She's all he wants and there's no rush
and as she stares into his eyes
she fills up and she cries


She's married with three kids in tow
she wonders just where she let go of her dreams
she strokes her babies face and smiles
the bills are late and so is her man
the house in shambles she needs a hand
she wakes an hour before they rise
she prays until she cries

she says

Sweet Addiction

Written By: elle Gallo

My body it rises with each touch of your hand
I dont know if you know this but I can hardly stand
to be without you as i walk this great land
I'm addicted to ya baby

The smile that greets me as our paces increase
the warmth of your sweet lips, this world's sweetest release
the smell of your skin sends vibrations through me
I'm addicted to ya baby

As the sun comes through my window
you ride in on a beam of light
your spirit holds my hand and comes to bed with me at night

Oh sweet addiction
Oh sweet relief
I know you hear me calling
Won't ya come and cover me?

It's just like we've travelled together thousands of years
you know me so deeply and you calm every fear
your presence completes me, everythings clear
I'm addicted to ya baby

you sit across my table
We need no words at all
I hear your thoughts
I feel your dreams
Excuse me while I fall

Oh sweet addiction
Oh sweet relief
Our souls reach for connection
Wont ya come and cover me


chorus 2x

Yes I Am

Written By: Elle Gallo

You ask me not who, but what I am
You want to put me in a category
i am slightly complicated
so let me tell you some of the story:

You ask if I'm a Christian or a Jew
do i talk to Buddah, am i Hindu?
Am I a liberal democrat?
A republican elephant?
yes i am all that

yes i Am, yes i am,
yes i am, yes i am

I may just agree to disagree
I may not believe what others see
I may stick my head down in the sand
And tomorrow I will wake up and boldly take a stand

yes i Am, yes I am
yes i am, yes i am

I'm a lover, I'm a fighter
I'ma sinner, I'm the Light
I'm a mother, I'm a daughter
I'm the earth, sky, I'm the water

yes i am, yes i am
yes i am, yes i am

Need To Be

Written By: Elle Gallo

I've got so much on my mind
It's spinning all the time
I'm trying to slow it down
so I can be here
I've got so much left to do
but I still wanna be with you
I' need to find a quiet place and breathe

What are these voices, some quiet some loud
My mind is in four places at once
I've got so much to do and so much to see
So many places to be

I need to be me, you need to be you
It's gotta be real, it's gotta be true
if we're gonna be together
I've gotta be free, you need to be too
i don't want nobody telling me what to do
If we're gonna be together..forever


I've gotta chase the life that's calling me but i want you by my side
I've got to keep my eyes focused on the prize
i will give to you in quality what i just can't give in time
if you can hold on loosely we will be just fine

waht are these voices, some quiet some loud
my mind is in four places at once
i've got so much to do and so much to see
So many places to be


I'm so damn afraid
of what you're going to say
it keeps me locked inside
and I'm so tired of hiding

chorus 2x


YES I AM- 4 song EP
rel. 2007, airplay, 3000 discs sold

special release of 500 copies 2007

Set List

Fall in Love Again
Fearful Heart
Hey Everybody
How Long
My Business
My Mind Doesn't Mind Anymore
Need To Be
Peace, Love & Music
Personal Demons
Rivers of Tears
Sweet Addiction
Yes I Am

Covers You May Hear:
Am I The One-Beth Hart
Gold Dust Woman-Fleetwood Mac
Little By Little-Susan Tedeschi
Mastermind-Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
Over The Rainbow-Reggae Style
Voodoo Woman-Koko Taylor
Whipping Post-The Allman Brothers