Elle Madison

Elle Madison



Elle Madison is an American singer, author and model. Elle began her public music career in 2003 performing at local showcases on Long Island and later expanding her live performances throughout North America. In 2007, Elle helped create and joined the Long Island Alternative Hip-Hop group, 7 Profitz. Since their creation, 7 Profitz has released four studio albums. Elle Madison released her first solo album in 2009 titled, My Pink Palace. In 2010, Elle Madison released her follow up sophomore album titled, Elle Madison EP. In 2009-2010 Elle Madison co-hosted, the radio show called Intellectual Sound. Intellectual Sound aired on 88.1 FM WCWP from Long Island University CW Post campus. In 2012, Elle Madison received an award from Long Island Press, for Best Singer of LI. In 2013, Elle Madison began promoting the release of her third solo album titled, Behold The Fairy Tales.


Elle Madison - Behold The Fairy Tales (2013)
Elle Madison - Elle Madison EP (2010)
7 Profitz - Planet 7P (2010)
7 Profitz - Revelations 23:7 (2009)
Elle Madison - My Pink Palace (2009)
7 Profitz - Long Island Hip-Hop (2008)
7 Profitz - The Resurrection LP (2007)