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Elle Maxwell

Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | SELF

Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Alternative




"Elle Maxwell "RUSHOUR""

Last week Elle Maxwell released her RUSHOUR mixtape ahead of her RUSH Ep. The project includes a gang of promotional tracks over some industry beats that have been hitting the Internets over the last few months from the DMV female emcee. Elle Maxwell uses RUSHOUR to reintroduce herself. The girl is dope. And the project is solid. Enjoy. Chea! - The Mad Bloggers

"EP: Elle Maxwell – Black Madonna Soundtrack | @_ElleMaxwell"

Formerly known as Lola, Elle Maxwell offered us a powerful and moving mixtape back in September that seemed to have slipped past us. Rather than a compilation of songs strung together simply by the bindings of a digital .zip file, The Black Madonna Soundtrack portrays exactly what the title would state. Elle takes us on a trip back in time, with a plethora of instrumentals from a time period that many of us weren’t around for... - IllVibes

"Return of the Real: Elle Maxwell is the DMV’s Black Madonna"

She's still Lola to me but you’ll find her these days going by Elle Maxwell. She's the talented twenty-something-year-old emcee out of the DMV that first caught my attention last year with "Basik Edukation". I remember how captivating her flow was on “Assembly” off of that project. I became a fast fan... - Refined Hype

"Urban Magazine’s A&R Report: Lola Maxwell"

Lil’ Kim? Nope. Foxy Brown? Wrong. Nicki Minaj? Better luck next time. While the female lyricist is climbing her way back into the male dominated pool of Hip-Hop and Rap, make no mistake, Lola Maxwell possesses a swag and an intelligence to spit a tale. Reppin’ Washington, D.C., this female artist seeks to put the essence of soul back into the lyrical depiction of life. Check out the music video for her song “Assembly,” and her “Over” freestyle. - Urban Magazine Daily News The Latest Urban Entertainment Related News

"Artist Spotlight: Lola Maxwell"

As a native of one of the most violent and badly influenced areas, Southeast D.C., this young and gorgeous, but hard-core emcee has crept into the music airwaves and is dulcifying ears with hip hop tunes that make you nod along. So what, everyone samples and no one said it was the correct way, but critics from all over are eating up these 90s bass-bumping beats like candy. Lola Maxwell is the name and it may not get worn out. Looking back to MC Lyte and Queen Latifah, being a female rapper, especially with something intriguing and effective to spit, was not appreciated. So why does Lola think she can place her feet into the musically raunchy atmosphere, so-called ruled by men? Because she is fresh, experienced and ready to check the rhyme, something many other lyricists fail to do. - Kevin Nottingham

"Next Up: Lola Maxwell Drops "Basik Edukation""

Straight outta DC is femcee Lola Maxwell not to be confused with video vixen Lola Monroe. Lola Maxwell brings a breath of fresh air to a genre where REAL music is almost non-existent with her mixtape Basik Edukation. While, the world is in a Barbie frenzy, Lola is what the game’s been missing. Don’t expect Miss Lola Maxwell to “sex” it up to sell records ‘cause that’s not her style. “Hip-hop has lost its touch”, she says. And once you hear her spit, you’ll agree she’s bringing it back with her intellectual rhymes. Next Up is…Lola Maxwell! - Str8NYC

"Interview with Lola Maxwell"

My true Art N’ Hustle readers know that I am definitely a fan of “back in the day” hip hop. I’m all for music that has a meaning behind it and does more than just give you something to listen too. This week’s interview, Lola Maxwell, stole my heart and took me back to a place that I hadn’t been in a while when I first heard her music. She reminded me of a time when it was ok to be who you were in hip hop and say what you felt and speak your heart. Her lyrics hit home with an intuitive perspective while also going above and beyond the stars into places where only imagination can go. Her mixtape, Basik Edukation, has been on rotation in my car, iPod, home stereo, just about everything and after reading our interview and hearing her music, you’ll feel the same way… so it is with great pleasure that I present to you, art n’ hustle’s interview with the lovely, Lola Maxwell. - Art N Hustle

"Lola Maxwell – From the Planet of the Greats"

Lola Maxwell is one of the best female emcees in the area. Lyrically she can keep up with any other female in the game let alone the guys. Listen to her music and you’ll understand why. Download her mixtape here on DMV Unplugged. - DMV Unplugged

"Omnivore’s Delight 10: Lola Maxwell"

Music fans who are quick to criticize mainstream hip hop are often hard pressed to name specific examples of what they consider to be “legitimate” hip hop. Sure, the quality of rap seen and heard on MTV and commercial radio might worry some purists, but there are still emcees in the game moving beyond the hype, infusing poetic lyrics and style into their rhymes. One such artist is DC’s Lola Maxwell. - OurStage


RUSH EP (12/15/11Release)
The RUSHour Mixtape (2011)
The Black Madonna Soundtrack (2010)
Basik Edukation (2010), "Assembly"
From the Planet of the Greats (2009), "Blasted"
Check The Rhyme (2009)
Studio 1206 (2009)



"I first chose to be an emcee because I love writing and the freedom of expression. If I wasn’t writing, I’d be dancing or painting or creating art through other mediums. I love the feeling of being able to move and inspire someone because I have that being done to me on a constant basis. I believe the hip hop community has evolved. Without evolution there’s no life. Some may choose to believe that with this evolution the music has become watered down and lost its true essentiality or cause of why it even came to be. I’m one of those people; however, I wouldn’t say I’m done with the present music community, but rather unsatisfied. That’s why I continue to write not only for myself, but so that others may latch onto the message that we all came from kings and queens. No more, no less."