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A young genius with an old soul who clearly displays a strong emphasis on QUALITY CONTROL. With Above par flow, lyricism, and stage presence, his artistry is of the new age standard but with 100% respect to the essence of true hip hop all in one package.


It’s rare nowadays to find a rapper with the lyrical ability and prowess that commands respect from the most ardent and well studied Hip Hop heads, while at the same time, having the cross-over appeal to have the young high school kids completely want to rock out with him. Ellementt is an eclectic mixture of influences with a strong foundation of 90’s Golden Age Hip Hop ambience.

Ellementt uses his above average cadence, poetic depth and mass appeal to bring honesty and a feel good vibe back to his beloved genre. Though he never fails to keep heads knocking with his boom bap rawness, amazingly, Ellementt is never restricted to any style of rhyme proving on countless records he can adapt from street poetry to club banger at any moment.

After 2 tours in Europe within just a 1 and 1/2 year time frame his buzz has now grown to be of worldwide potential. The overseas crowd has warmed up to the artist and have embraced the track/video “Harlem” as an international classic. Ellementt is most definitely an MC you want to watch out for. He’s poised to grab the world’s attention. His progression has been rapid, consistent, and most importantly IMPRESSIVE. With MCs like Ellementt and so many others coming up from the underground scene, Hip Hop is about to get a much needed reality check.