Ellen Hamilton & Nuvu

Ellen Hamilton & Nuvu

 Iqaluit, Nunavut, CAN

From one of Canada’s best singer-songwriters comes an album of mature, sophisticated, poignant and powerful songs; stunning in their instrumental variety, virtuosity and texture, and the voice… so emotionally charged and delicate, you can’t help but stop and listen.


Living north of the tree-line in Iqaluit, Nunavut, it is no wonder that Canadian folk singer Ellen Hamilton uses imagery of the North as metaphor for the heart’s landscape. Ellen has gone deep into her muse—asking that rivers be remembered, glaciers be returned, life to go on.

Ellen (vocals, guitar) is backed by sumptuous musical arrangements from Nunavut musicians including multi-instrumentalist Chris Coleman (clarinet, mandolin, bazouki, guitars), Jamal Shirley (guitar), Simeonie Keenainak (button accordion) and Jeff Maurice (bass). Ellen's lyrics speak of places “slipping away” and hearts wandering in the cold where hope exists among poignancy and beautiful sadness.

For over 15 years, Ellen was lead singer of the Canadian folk band Night Sun, winning critical praise for her songwriting and her passionate voice. Billboard magazine called her songs, “ageless music” and Sing Out raved, “Ellen’s voice is mesmerizing and infectious”. Ellen began work on her first solo album in a farmhouse in the woods north of Kingston, Ontario where the song Glori spoke in praise of the planet. Partway through the process of building the album, Ellen and Chris moved to a little yellow house overlooking Frobisher Bay in Canada’s most northern city of Iqaluit. Ellen is a true Canadian performer -- two feet firmly planted in snow, heart in hand, face to the wind.


Distant. Early. Warning.


One Moment of Grace.


Night Sun.

Set List

One Heart Singing
Somewhere Slips Away
When the Night Was Young
Can't Swim No More
To the North
Arnauup Nallinninga
Moon Stay Down
One Moment of Grace
The Hunter
John's World
Carried by the Water