Elle Nino

Elle Nino

 San Francisco, California, USA

A 4 piece, queer-electro-pop-funk-disco band that is taking the Bay Area by storm. Meteorologists have recently complained that Elle Nino's driving guitars, retro synths, thunderous dance beats, and sexy falsetto vocals are raining hot love juice on all sides of the Bay.


Elle Niño was formed in 2007 when currents from the East and West coasts collided and made sweet musical love together. Their sound combines 80s synth-funk with hot, bass-heavy dance beats, drawing from disco, punk, house, electro and hip-hop. The music is all played live on instruments (no loops, no staring into laptop screens), and its sexy, contagious energy always induces a frenzy on the dancefloor.

Set List

What's in Your Kiss?, Don't Stop, Treat Me Bad, Work it Out, Pulse, Late Like Thunder, Everything, Sugar Sugar Sugar, Your Mama (is so sexy)