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Ellen Martinez

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Sexy, romantic ballads, easy-going latin love songs, funky r&b, down and dirty blues, with a touch of fusion and smooth jazz. That's what you get on Ellen's new CD, MIXED EMOTIONS. A very versatile performer!


I have been singing all my life, and have enjoyed every style of music, but the jazz and blues genres seem to have had the most influence on my personal style of vocalizing and writing. That fact is evident on my new CD, MIXED EMOTIONS. My goal was to create some "new" jazz tunes, and I did! With the help of several great co-writers, I was able to feature 7 original compositions on the disc, and I am proud of it!!! *******Back to real life and singing for my supper...I am currently singing in a duo with Bob Werner, a wonderful keyboardist who sings as well. We call our act BOB AND ME. Watch for appearances in the St. Louis area.


Big Blue Eyes

Written By: Ellen Martinez

I just wanna do nothin'
Sit and watch time go by.
Igot a crazy feelin' inside
And I know why.
I can't concentrate
You got me hypnotized.
And that's just the way you make
me feel when I look into your Big
Blue Eyes.
I sit around dreamin' daydreams.
Then I look at the sky.
Ican't seem to think about anything but you and I.
I'm not motivated
I just sit around and sigh.
And that's just the way you make
me feel when I look into your Big
Blue Eyes.

Your Big Blue Eyes
They stopped me dead in my tracks.
Your Big Blue Eyes
But when are you comin' back?

I'll be ready, willing, and able
To make that compromise.
I'll quit doin' all those things alone
And do them by your side.
I think you are the answer
To the prayers I say at night.
And that's just the way you make
me feel when I look into your Big
Blue Eyes.

Behind My Tears

Written By: Ellen Martinez

Behind my tears, your memory haunts me
To ease my fears, he tells me he wants me
He wants me to give him my heart, my mind, my soul
But I'm tortured by the feelings that we shared so long ago

Behind my tears. I wonder about you
And it appears I can't live without you
Then he holds me in his arms and lets me know
That he'll wait a million years for me to let those feelings go
Without the tears

Behind my smile, I'm happy without you
He knows that I'll stop thinking about you
He tries to replace you no matter what I do
So I guess its time to give up on a dream that won't come true

Behind my smile, the thought of him moves me
And all the while, his tenderness soothes me
I want him, I need him, I'll never set him free
And I' m glad I had the strength to say goodbye to you and me
And now I smile

You Took Advantage of Me

Written By: Ellen Martinez

You were so cool, and so sublime
You said that we would never part
But I said NO, Baby, not this time
You took advantage of my heart

You took advantage of me (x3)
You took advantage of my heart

Who knows who, and who knows when
I knew it would happen from the start
First you're gone, then you're back again
You took advantage of my heart

You took advantage of me (x3)
You took advantage of my heart


Discography: A TASTE OF NEW YORK
Tracks from both discs have been featured on:

Misunderstanding, cowritten by myself and bassist, Dave Troncoso, has been selected for airplay on Kanaljazz, an online radio station specializing in contemporary and traditional jazz.

Multiple tracks from MIXED EMOTIONS have been featured on internet radio stations SmoothJazz.com
and UptownJazzNetwork.com

My song,BELIEVE THE LOVE, has been awarded an Honorable Mention in the Peacedriven Songwriting Contest, 2008.

BEHIND MY TEARS, will be featured on the 2008 Music Independence Summit Connection Compilation Disc.

YOU TOOK ADVANTAGE OF ME, has been chosen for inclusion on a compilation disc, New Horizons, released in 2007 by D&M Music.

Set List

My current performing group is a duo with an excellent keyboardist, Bob Werner. We play many varieties of music by artists ranging from Frank Sinatra to Fleetwood Mac, George Benson to the Beatles. Our songlist is long, and we are able to take many requests. We have a large network of great area musicians from which to choose should you desire a full band.