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The best kept secret in music



Elle ROC is a dope MC, no way around that. She has a commanding presence that grabs your attention and makes you want to hear what she is saying. She is not afraid to speak her mind and has the all important voice. As Guru would say "Some rappers have flava, some have skills, but if you’re voice ain’t dope then you need to CHILL". I discovered this when I first heard that track Virtuous off the Godzhouse.com compilation. On this track she traded verses with Mark J about not sacrificing your beliefs for a guy. She had me listening to every word, and the two MC’s over that track complimented each other like butter on toast.

It has been four years since that compilation dropped and finally she has given us the debut album that many have been waiting for. Elle has dropped a verse on a couple of different albums but this was what we were all anticipating.

The first track Inhale 2 Exhale is by far the best on the album. This is the first single and you will know why once you hear it. Skillspinz produces a cut with chopped up horns and a hard hitting snare which Elle flows over beautifully. The chorus has vocal snippets from Sup and Rakim (nice combo) cut up by Skillspinz. As soon as you hear Sup say "As I breathe in Holy Hip Hop everyday" you head just starts bobbing. Other tracks to check for are Seasons, which talks about times in your life and who rules over what you do. Blindfolded speaks on Faith and Rewind is dope because it takes you back to the 80’s as Elle flows while Skillspinz mixes it up.

Some of the albums tracks lack from weak production. Songs like Circular Motion and The Blood just don’t hold their weight compared to the rest of the album. Lyrically Elle holds it down for the extent of this long player but choruses on tracks like Insomnia could use some improvement.

All in all, this album is a dope introduction to the MC they call Elle R.O.C. If you have a chance pick this album up because there is something for everyone on it. One surprise about this album was no Mark J, I was looking forward to him and some other dope Sound of the rebirth MC’s to appear on this album. Guess we will just have to wait for the sophomore joint!



If there is one thing Christian hip-hop that's missing, it is female emcees. Now, there are a lot of them underground, but few have found the surface. The few that have earned their stripes are Alisha Tyler (A1 Swift), Zane (Tunnel Rats), and Elsie (New Breed). These are some dope emcees - female or otherwise. Enter Elle R.O.C.

She hit a few years ago on a song with Mark J called Virtuous Woman from "Godz House," a compilation CD from CMN Records. It was official. Elle R.O.C. was here to stay. Her style is her own. She has a commanding voice and draws you in with it. If I had to compare, I would say MC Lyte is in her prime!

Her new CD, "I Die Daily" features production by Skillspinz, DJ Noble, and Blak. It is a nice first outing for Elle. Standout cuts are "Inhale 2 Exhale," "Insomnia (featuring Humm The Sore Thumb)," "Blindfolded," and the funky "Make It Thru." Elle R.O.C. feels right at home on the mic, as well she should. This is definitely a momentous event. A female emcee that writes and recites her own junk! You Go Elle! Personally, I hope you keep rockin' for years to come!
- Proverb

- Proverb


2003 - toobiz*Rhythm of My Mind*2BZ Media* featured on the song "Automatic Flow/Remix"

2003 - Mark J*City of Pain*Much Luvv Records*
feat. on the song "Livin' Martyrs"

2002-The 2nd Coming of Hip Hop*BRX2 Music*
Compilation CD feat. Elle ROC, Big UNC & Epic.

2001-Elle R.O.C.*I Die Daily*BRX2 Music

2001-Night Owls One:Nocturnal Doctrine*Syntax
Records*Comp. CD feat. Pigeon John, Sup the
Chemist, Gibraan, Lojique...

2001-Too Biz Single*Automatic Flow*2BZ Media

2001-Kingdommusic.net Compilation CD*feat. Jah
Word, Lanee' Battle, Souljahz, Tonex, Sons of God...

2000-Calling of the Camps*CMN Records*Comp. CD
feat. KJ-52, Campquest...

1999-Mark J*Concept After Concept*feat. on the
song "Residuals"*Rescue Records

1998-Godzhouse.com-The Compilation*CMN Records
featuring Urban Disciple, Cruz Cordero, Mark J...

1998-Sound of the Rebirth*Compilation CD* CMN
Records* feat. Truth, Mark J, Soulheir, Tunnel Rats...

1997-Elle R.O.C. Single "Sheep Tales" & "P.U.S.H."
Icelan Productions


Feeling a bit camera shy


Elle R.O.C.

“The heart of hip-hop is dead"

In today’s electronically recycled music industry, it seems that almost everyone sounds alike, with no sincerity or honesty. Where can this genuine diversity be found?
Enter Elle R.O.C., a female rap artist with a singularly powerful appeal. Her career in the industry began as a member of Sound of the Rebirth, a family of hip-hop artists from the Atlanta area. The group left an impressive mark with their nationally distributed 1998 release, which was self-titled.
Elle R.O.C. now returns to the scene, with a mission to continue blessing through song. Being one of the very few females in hip-hop, her moralistic presence is quite refreshing. Her debut album, I Die Daily, manages to tastefully explore various styles while maintaining its ingenuity. Some of the elements used to contrive this project were a live band, guest emcees and a very generous 17 tracks. Elle displays her versatile abilities by covering a whole gamut of styles; from southern influenced tracks to East Coast hip-hop.
"As a lover of many styles of hip-hop," says Elle R.O.C., "it was almost natural for me to incorporate different styles on this project. I don’t necessarily want to be classified as one particular type of hip-hop artist, but as one who’s great at what she does. I serve a God of excellence, and each day I strive to be of the same."
The albums first single, "Blindfolded," shot up to the #1 position on the R&R Christian Rhythmic charts soon after its October 30th, 2001 release. The project has been receiving rave reviews, proving that Elle R.O.C.’s career is destined for greatness. She’s the first artist signed to BRX2 Music; an imprint of Bettie Rocket Records. The year 2002 greeted Elle by honoring her with a Holy Hip-Hop Award for her dedication and commitment to the ministry through hip-hop. She is currently the co-host of the Holy Hip-Hop radio show, which is syndicated in over 40 markets nationwide. Elle is also featured on a segment of the HHH Video Show, which airs on the INSP, MBC and UATV TV networks.
Have you ever "experienced" a song; so much so that it didn’t seem as if you were simply listening to it? If your answer is "no," then you have not heard Elle R.O.C. Her music is aggressive in the most beautiful sense, as her voice cascades soulfully over bold hip-hop tracks. To experience an Elle R.O.C. song is to know that you are being spoken to in the most intimate sense. Something is being shared with you from deep inside her heart, and this potent sentiment radiates from her songs in a gentle flood that sweeps across the listener’s own heart.
This becomes very evident once you listen to the album, I Die Daily. On the song "Seasons," Elle declares that there’s a time for every purpose, as she spits powerful lyrics over a head-bobbin’ track. A true, earthy sound was captured on the songs "This Love of Mine" and "Insomnia," which allowed her to work with a live band. Cuts like the up-tempo "Significance" make it difficult not to dance, as Elle stresses that God’s got a plan for her life. Her struggles with maintaining Godly relationships were discussed on "Make it Thru," a hip-hop track with a live bass influence. The very smooth, almost reggae feel of "What You Do" is guaranteed to make you get your bounce on.
I Die Daily features songs that range from mellow, unfeigned ballads to audacious verbal admonishments that dare you not to dance; all sincerely and honestly the words that God has put into her heart. Is the heart of hip-hop dead? If you ask Elle R.O.C., the answer is "No."