Ellery Park

Ellery Park


Ellery Park is the melodic metalcore/punk 5-piece from Long Island, NY. Independently they have been doing things bands who have funding and label-backing do. They have already toured the U.S.A. independently once around, amongst recorded their full length record "The Worst Of Us Has Yet To Come."


Ellery Park, is the Long Island based Melodic Hardcore/Metal quintet. After two years of independently making a name for themselves in the local scene and national scene, they have recorded a six track EP titled "Bullets over Broadway." With the EP's opening track cleverly titled, "After The Hangover" it opens the doors into a loud, tough, and aggressive hardcore album. With the release of their EP, the band embarked on a self-funded independent tour across the U.S.
With a sound similar to traditional metalcore, and heavy influences of melodic hardcore and punk; Ellery Park has still created their own genuine sound fueled by riffs from both Matt Carley (Guitar) and Kris O'Connell (Guitar), and rhythm lines from Greg Bustamante (Bass) their music can be a tough classification to one specific genre. Jon Swanson's rapid double bass-drum and sporadic cymbal accents, as well as Jay Monroy's (Vocals) low growls, high screams and clean vocals add an unusual twist to the traditional noise of other acts similiar in sound. Their dedication, desire, and talent become extremely evident to many who have seen their super-high energy live performances.
Contrary to their song name ("Nightmare on Ellery Street,") there appears to be no nightmares in Ellery Park's future.
With the wrap-up of their debut full length record titled "The Worst Of Us Has Yet To Come," be prepared to be exposed to an album of originality that has not be accomplished by a Long Island band, ever before!


The Stray

Written By: J. Monroy

If I spill my guts out onto the floor,
Would you pick up the mess,
I shoulve never placed my bets on you,
Cause I'm forever in debt,

I'll walk in a different direction, become a stray and point out all your imperfections, there's nothing left to rely on,

If you thought you changed,
Everything's still the same,
I bled for the last time and I'm walking away,
I should have not believed in you,
I should have never believed,
I'll spend my life on the street,
Finding someone that's truly real to me,
To bring me in, be by my side, and help me survive

Reach for the one, search for the one who, can bring me back to life.


Bullets Over Broadway (2009)
The Worst Of Us Has Yet To Come (2011)

Set List

Red Light District
Ghost Limbs
Second-hand Suicide
Hell To Pay
First Impressions, Last Goodbyes
Pulling The Pin Makes For An Easy Exit
From The Wreckage
I'll Drink To That
The Stray
The Perfect Ending