If I had to describe our music in terms of other artists, I might say, "Imagine if Brand New, U2, and Coldplay contributed equally to the in vitro fertilization of a child." OR Golden rays breaking upon the dew-kissed hillside. Also, face melting and soul penetrating bliss. You decide.


Ellewoods collective soul was completed when the last of its members was born in 1987. They however did not start playing with each other until Spring of 2007. Since then they have been working busily to write and record the best quality of music that a near-zero budget and a full schedule of school will allow. While not to be labeled as a "Christian band," elements of their faith and spirituality can be found in their songs. They are currently playing shows in the KC area and are booking shows beyond KC. They have released their debut EP with the hopes of bringing enjoyable music to the masses that will make everyone's wildest dreams come true. So don't miss out!


EP Number One Released February 2009 on Apple iTunes


Set List

30-45 minutes (6-8 songs) of original music with a cover thrown in every once in a while to make the crowd smile and dance