Ellie Dexter

Ellie Dexter


Original blend of bluegrass and folk


An early summer jam session connected these musicians who, inspired by Ellie's catchy original tunes, worked their love of traditional bluegrass rhythms into Ellie's songs. A folk singer/songwriter who performed in the Boston area in the early 1990s, Ellie has resurfaced using her vocal talents and gift as a songwriter creating lyrics that tell stories and expose the true heart of the American experience.


Put Your Trust In Jesus

Written By: Ellie Dexter

We will never understand
the people in these lands and time may move and change but the problems stay the same
There is one who lives above who will answer you with love, put your trust in Jesus.

Put your trust in Jesus
Claim the name of Most on High
He will answer every prayer
He is always everywhere
If you put your trust in Jesus

Modern man is plagued by fear
but the answer is quite clear
If you accept this man
you can find His precious plan
Many heartaches you will bear there's someone there who cares
So put your trust in Jesus

Little Angel

Written By: Ellie Dexter

Fly high little angel
Fly high little girl
Fly high little angel
Little angel she's my world

Up to heaven she's left me
Up to haven so fair
She shares a life with the angels
And I know she's waiting there.


In heaven there is no sorrow
Just peace and harmony
I'll see my darlin' in heaven
That's where she's waiting for me.


The sun sinks over the valley
The sun sinks over the trees
I hear the voice of my darlin'
Calling out to me



Written By: Ellie Dexter

Fire's glow and candlelight can't
Change the way that I feel tonight
The words you never said hang in the air.
Like a halo they surround you overpower you
Making you a memory again
Making you a memory again
A memory again.

Now the fields we ran in as a child
were the same that I ran, too
And our history's no mystery
the feelings were so true
All your trials and heartaches are carried away
Making you a memory again
Making you a memory again
A memory again.

Now your sweet face and your compromise
Won't make up for your lonely lies
And time is passing quickly now it seems
The world is waiting for you and your dreams
Making you a memory again
Making you a memory again
A memory again.


Little Angel CD

Set List

I Tried To Call You
Carried by the Wind
Come the Morning
I Won't Lie
Put Your Trust in Jesus
The Wind is Turning
God Can Move A Mountain

Covers include:
Bill Monroe Tunes
Traditional Bluegrass
Bluegrass Gospel
Bluegrazzed Folk

Sets from 30-60 minutes