EllieMay Kay

EllieMay Kay


While Country is going Pop and Pop is going Country Elliemay and her band have struck a chord sticking to tradition! A pro touring country act. Playing150 dates a year consisting of fairs,casinos,festivals,and clubs. The bands Classic Country Sound with that"it" factor edge is the next new thing!


A Midwest country girl from Wisconsin , Born and raised in Illinois her music and song writing career started, after meeting a musician on her 21st birthday, getting married and moving to the beautiful Chattanooga Tennessee and working as the head bartender at a well known club. She started writing songs, keeping them to herself, watching and hoping to be on stage one day performing and living the dream!

The real music thing for her never really started until a decision by her husband to come off the road and take up a day job. After a spell of day work and family life her husband started playing locally with a family based band and had EllieMay going to all the gigs and teaching her how to run sound keeping her part of the music instead of on the outside of it. She always wanted to be part of the live performance but never wanted to say anything ?

She finally approached her husband and told him she wanted to sing just one song with the band and she would be happy and not bug him anymore .The group was rehearsing in the garage one day and Ellie May came in and said can I try a song I’ve been working on by the Four Non- Blondes called (What’s up)? they all looked at each other and thought what the heck? Now keeping in mind this is not an easy song, the band played the song and was amazed! she nailed it perfect! And as they say the rest is history!

One afternoon her husband received a phone call from a group he had been touring with and had been asked if he could fill in for a couple of shows in upper Minnesota and Canada. they also needed a female vocalist for the trip. Now the great part of this is that Ellie May only new about 5 songs and never really preformed live or had any real stage experience. Other then the so called garage audition! This trip was to be EllieMays first real live performance and road trip!

While performing with the band over the next several years, She has since become the center of attraction, easy to look at a great performer not to mention become quite a hot little singer. She and the band have been doing tons of festivals and casinos , street dances and 100’s of clubs ! About 150 to 200 dates a year . They have worked their way to almost semi-national status, opening for National acts in the past couple of years such as, Emerson Drive, Dierks Bentley, Kenny Chesney , Brooks and Dunn , Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and most recently, Hal Ketchem , Little River Band , and our buddy Neil McCoy .

She recently brought her original material to the band in 2007 and informed them of the direction that she wanted to take, over the next year the band started rehearsing and recording preparing for the release of a CD in March of 2008.

The self titled “Musicians Wife” Cd was released in March of 2008 The song : “Waiting Just For You” off the Cd was nominated no.8 in the 2008 CMT 330 Sessions Contest. and was streamed on CMT and GAC for 12 weeks nationwide. Another song off the Cd “Carla Sue” was a no.2 song for 11 weeks on the independent Clear Channel Network, to Ellie Mays surprise another song off the Cd “Country Girl ”was also receiving air play on over 400 different independant radio and cable network stations nationwide!

The Cd, is full of songs about her life as a musicians wife and the songs relate to so many different people in such a good way ! People from all walks of life at all the live venues are swarming and asking who wrote that? or where do we get a copy of the Cd?

Her friend Jim Gilbert from Texas told us that she has Personas? Yeah we had to look it up in the dictionary ? but he‘s right ! because she is not just a good entertainer or a great singer and song writer, she is a peoples person. If you watch her with people you will understand her personas wins them over every time! I think you will be seeing videos and hearing her songs on the radio very soon! And then understand how a musicians wife relates to everybody !

(A far cry from the one song statement) !

Pease check out EllieMays myspace page at : www.myspace.com/elliemaykay


Musicians Wife

Written By: EllieMay Kay

verse: As I lie here I feel so alone, my baby's playin his music such a long long way from home, he wont be back in the mornin but maybe by next week, he cant feel me hurting with every heart beat, Im livin this life, Im a musician's wife.

verse: Well there's no mistaken the sound of that bus, pullin up in the drive, as he comes through the door Ill try not to cry, for a week now Ill know he's all mine, Im livin this life, Im a musician's wife.

chorus It's always got me thinkin, it's always on my mind, the dim lights, the late nights, the whiskey and the wine, my baby he's without me and by now he's forgot me, what Id give to hear that ringin telephone, oh Im livin this life, of a musician's wife.


verse: Soon he'll be out on that road again, there's no tellin what he might find, will he remember my face? or will she take my place? why, why do I keep on, livin this life, of a musicians wife.

repeat chorus:

Bridge: Im livin, Im dying, Im laughin, and lord knows Im tryin, to live this life of a musician's wife.. A musician's wife ooh ooooh.


CD's are available at all venues and online at our web site.

MP3'S files avaliable for listening on website.

Set List

Girl with the fishing rod
Beautiful as usual
Could you handle that
I wanna be your queen
You get me
More of what matters
Musicians Wife
Carla Sue
Don't Know Why
Country Girl
Mr Kassanova
Try To Change Me
Waiting Just For You
I Wanna Be A Star
That's My Man
Sad Sad Song

Cover tunes: set list upon request