Elli Fordyce

Elli Fordyce


A female Michael Buble or Tony Bennet, Elli sings the standards and some brilliant lesser-known material with great freelance musicians and singer Jim Malloy on romantic and swinging duets.


Originally from Manhattan, Elli Fordyce is a highly accomplished vocalist and actor. She has performed all over the New York Metro area and other U.S. and North American cities, including an appearance in the New York Cabaret Convention and various festivals. Elli also has numerous acting credits: Film -- September 12th, TV -- Dave Chappelle's Show, and Live Theatre -- Guys & Dolls.

Prior to returning to New York 30 years ago, Elli spent several periods away from her musical journey. The first was to devote herself to family and, unexpectedly, another was after a devastating accident on a snowy highway en route to a gig when the car carrying her quartet and equipment crashed into a disabled truck. A successful year-long tour of "Elli Fordyce And Her Favorite Things" ended abruptly, leaving scars of several kinds. Elli stopped singing for 15 years ("Not 'Happy Birthday,' not in the shower") and focused firmly on much needed physical and spiritual healing.

But her musical journey wasn't over. A ginger-colored Yorkie pup named Dindi (pronounced Gingy and meaning "little jewel" in Portuguese as well as it being the title of Elli's favorite Jobim bossa nova) got her back to singing. Elli discovered that Dindi loved to hear Elli sing it to her. Inspiration renewed, Elli joined a cabaret workshop taught by the brilliant MAC-Award-winning singer-songwriter Lina Koutrakos and soon after came under the influence of Barry Harris, the renowned jazz pianist and educator to whom she gives much of the credit for putting her squarely back on the path meant for her. Making a comeback was inevitable.

And come back Elli has! Her first CD, "Something STILL Cool," became an overnight sensation with rave reviews. "Whatever the term means ... you know it when you hear it. And Elli Fordyce is cool! ... as implied in the title, once cool, always cool, vintage cool ... Ms. Fordyce has the spirit and voice of one of the blessed, the spirit and stamina of eternal song." (Bob Gish, Jazz Improv-New York); "Fordyce's voice is lovely with strong command, a natural rhythmic touch and just a touch of a rough edge ... scatting with aplomb, she also shows a knack for the south-of-the-border sound .... a true showcase for a singer whom one wishes would have never had to give up singing for so long ... better late than never ... heartfelt version of "Something Cool" ... doesn't sing by rote, and her vocal ideas are full of imagination and personality, but neither does she detract from the beauty of the melody ... it is clear that Elli Fordyce knows ... the real meaning of 'cool.'" (Brad Walseth, www.jazzchicago.net) "I am enjoying your music so much! Your CD was a great surprise for me. I always [love] discovering great talent for our audience ... very lucky to have your new tracks for their enjoyment at radioIO." (drmike, www.radioIO.com). A wonderful review by Rob Lester may be read at http://www.talkinbroadway.com/sound/march2708.html.

And, to quote Elli, "It's never too late!"



Written By: Antonio Carlos Jobim

Sky, so vast is the sky
And far away clouds just wandering by..
Where do they go?
Oh I don't know, don't know...

Wind that speaks to the leaves
Telling stories that no one believes
Stories of love
Belong to you and me....

Oh Dindi....
If I only had words
I would say all the beautiful things that I see
When you're with me
oh my Dindi

Oh Dindi...
Like the song of the wind in the trees
That's how my heart is singing Dindi, happy Dindi
When you're with me

I love you more today
Yes I do, yes I do
I'd let you go away
If you take me with you

Don't you know Dindi
I'd be running and searching for you
Like a river that can't find the sea
That would be me
Without you my Dindi


Samples from her first CD, "Something STILL Cool," can be heard and downloaded from www.cdbaby.com/ellifordyce and your favorite downloading site and at www.ellifordyce.com. CD Number 2 will be out in 2009.

Set List

A large number of jazz standards (Great American Songbook, show tunes and Bossa Novas) to suit the situation, audience and venue.