Elliot Maginot

Elliot Maginot

 MontrĂ©al, Quebec, CAN

A young Montreal alternative band. At only 18 years of age, they show impressive musical maturity by complementing gorgeous acoustic guitar melodies with delicate vocals, keys, electric guitar and bass, brass instruments and drums for a contemporary orchestral feel that is immense and introspective at the same time.


Elliot Maginot is a young folk singer from Montral. He has a soulful unique voice, raw talent and a music sensibility beyond his years.

He picked up a guitar about 6 years ago, taught himself to play and soon after began writing, but it was only recently that he decided to record an ep and start performing his songs live. The reaction has been so positive that there is no turning back.

Elliots music is both beautiful and evocative with a hint of innocence.

An honesty that permeates his songwritting, image and art. While at the same time his charm and witty personality is carried forward in his live performance.


Monsters at war

Written By: Elliot Maginot

You were right : something is so wrong.
This is only a war that we'll never win,
cause we will always be as we were made :
fragile, weak and small and overratted, most of the time.

So don't count on me to carry you, the day your legs will fail you, I will walk and leave you behind.

And in the morning waking hours, when the frightening times are over, dont be fooled.
And when the wind blows soft and warm and when the summer casts its charm, oh don't get fooled.

Cause if ever you should slow me down, I won't wait for you, no I will walk and leave you behind.

Cause this is more than I can take. I hope you'll be swallowed by the monsters you create.

And when the wind will become a storm and when your shelter will be torn, don't look for me. Because I won't remember you, at least I'll do my best not to. Don't look for me.

And if ever I should slip and fall, I'll beg for you to stay. Hope you won't walk and leave me behind.

Cause this is more than I can take. I hope you'll be swallowed by the monsters you create.


Written By: Elliot Maginot

One day I will realize but right now it's not up to me
One day I'll look back and smile but at the moment I'm too close to see

That every we meet, it's like a bomb I must defuse
Everytime we meet, both of us are leaving bruised

Someday you'll sleep in my room
We'll talk all night and then you'll go away
But it'S four in the morning and soon
there won't be much more left to say

ANd every time you leave, it's like a hole that I must file
Every time you leaves my other lives are getting real.

In ten year, if you're too soaked to think, I might try to lead you in the right path
But right now I'm too soaked for weeping, and no one in this world could make me do that.

Cause every time we touch I know an angel is passing
And in his holy hands there's a bell that is ringing..


Elliot Maginot - Young\Old\Everything.In.Between  (Feb. 2015)