Every day we go to work looking forward to the weekend when we can have band practice and Elliot Stella is the result of that craving to write music. We are a rock band from British Columbia, Canada and we love to preform.


HEY! WE'RE ELLIOT STELLA! Our jobs are merely to support our band. University is to pass the time until we can make a living playing music. We're broke, our cars break down, we have calloused fingers, strained vocal chords, enough broken drum sticks to build a house and we love what we do! We are a rock band from British Columbia, Canada. We've been a band for about a year now and have one EP recorded and we are in the process of more recordings. Collectively we have a huge variety of influences and we try to incorporate that diversity into our own sound. We play as many shows as we can because shows are fun, we have too many songs to remember because writing is also fun and we couldn't stop playing music if we were paid. Being able to write and preform is one of the best things imaginable, to us anyways.


We currently have one EP entitled:
"As Billions Are Told, Oh Well"

Track Listing:
1- As Billions Are Told, Oh Well
2- Old Fashioned Like It's Going Out Of Style
3- Five Forty Five
4- 2:30
5- For The Sake Of Time

Set List

Our typical set contains 6 to 7 songs averaging about half an hour to forty five minutes. We do have enough material to play for a couple hours, if the occasion arises