Elliott Brood

Elliott Brood


Black Grass, Death Country, Mope-twang the darker side of country lyrically, but the music is upbeat and melodic ... vibrant and exciting live performance ... dirty banjos, suitcase kick drums and crazy fall off the stool guitars


“They deem themselves ... “Death Country” ... with haunting melodies, clunky background noises and flaws ... Elliott Brood are the under-side, the darker side and the grittier side of things ... the strong, loud, aggressive, yearning like vocals are joyful, angry, soulful and totally seductive ... Elliott Brood’s vocals dominate the proceedings and the components of the music to fall in behind like they’ve got a bad case of puppy love. They have an instinct for knowing when to let noise reign, and to when to let it subside, and the sense of peace and relief come like a flood, leaving the listener blissed out but suspecting it’s about to get rowdy again.”


Tin Type ... debut EP ... on-line at Weewerks/Mileomusic
key tracks "Oh Alberta" "Cadillac Dust"
video on website for "Cadillac Dust"

Set List

varies from gig to gig ... they play original music composed by the band members, if sharing the stage with other bands, it is usually 40-45 mins, if the night is theirs, it can be 2 1 hour sets, or 3 45min sets, if they do covers, they are usually obscure