Elliot Teaze

Elliot Teaze


From gentle toe tapping folk to a foot stomping party there's a wicked little something for everyone when Elliot sings and plays.


Performing under various names and guises, through folk, country, rock and blues bands, Elliot has flown happily below the industry radar throughout most of his career. His long suffering life partner is also happy as long as the rent gets paid and so far, Elliot hasn't had to resort to any criminal activity beyond signing the occasional agreement with fly-by-night publishers and one record label in particular that shall remain nameless, blameless and free of litigation. Elliot's songs describe the world around him, a personal view of the lives we live, where love songs aren't always for lovers, touching the heart while teasing the mind.


Single: "Harvest Time" with the band Downland
Album: "Downland" listed as Mark Fancher, Elliot co-wrote the songs and sings the lead on five of them.
Album: "Kisses in the Whiskey" an album of gritty blues originals by west-coast author-poet Pete Trower. Co-produced by Elliot, appearing again as Mark Fancher. Elliot also played piano, percussion and harmonica during the sessions.

Set List

Drawing on a repertoire that touches on different genres of acoustic music dating back to the first half of the 20th century, the set list includes many original songs and varies depending on the audience, artist and season.