Elliott Park

Elliott Park

 Baird, Texas, USA

A seamless blend of genres presented in an honest and endearing way. Elliott Park's vocals are weathered and truthful – as someone at the end of a pilgrimage. His lyrics are colorful and sometimes odd, but always approachable. His genre is life.


His songs are simple, approachable “paintings” of life and love. Many have tried to assign his music to a specific genre, but as Elliott puts it, his genre is “Life”. With lyrics that dance between melancholy and the unabashed joys of living, and his knack for marrying layman’s wisdom with contagious melody, Elliott has earned much respect in Nashville and beyond. His songs have been sung on the hallowed stage of the Ryman Opry Theater, as well as performed on major network programs like “Late Night With David Letterman”, and “The Late Late Show” with Craig Ferguson.

In 2006, his song “I Loved Her First,” recorded by Heartland, hit #1 on Billboard and R&R Magazines, propelling him into an elite circle of hit writers. Although he continues to make frequent trips to Nashville to write with some of today’s top writers and artists, Elliott has chosen to remain in Texas in order to stay in touch with what he calls his “real life inspiration”.

Influences include Simon and Garfunkel, Roger Miller, Dan Fogelberg, Glen Campbell, Boston, Willie Nelson and Gershwin.

Elliott lives in a small West Texas town with his wife Pam and their four children. He works as a graphic artist and also owns a recording studio (Fly Boy Music Company).


Rodeo Clown

Written By: Elliott Park

Jars of colors
A face with a big funny grin
Old cracked mirror
He's smearin' red paint on his chin
A sip from the faucet
To wash down the pill

In the tunnel
Stretchin' that hamstring he tore
Rubs his shoulder
He's older than most in this sport
Looks over the lineup
He knows them all well
First to dance is a demon named "Bat Outta Hell"


And rag, tag pants saggin' down
His grease-painted smile hides the blood on his mouth
The champion's wavin' his hat to the crowd but he knows what he owes
To the rodeo clown

Next one's "Brimstone"
A beast with a triple 6 brand
This one spins
He calls out to his young barrel man
Mostly right but watch out
He can turn on a dime

Dirt and slobber
With each angry whip of his head
Hooves like thunder
Down under a trainload of lead
No one sees the near miss
But the rider is fine
Shake it off keep your mind on the next one in line

Repeat Chorus 3X

To those grease-painted pros
In the raggedy clothes
Rodeo clown

Carved in Stone

Written By: Elliott Park

Teardrops melt you but you don't let it show
Your heart writes love songs your tongue never knows
Maybe someday they'll find the gold in your bones
When your name is carved in stone
When your name is carved in stone

You think it's hard now to say those words
I know it's hard now with the bridges you burned
But you think it's hard now... try later on
When your name is carved in stone
When your name is carved in stone

Where you are – it's the only place you can start
Where you've been – it's the only place to leave your sin

You've got more treasure than a king in his grave
You've got forever when you have one more day
So go write your name boy on the hearts of your home
Before it's carved in stone
Before it's carved in stone


Flyboy - LP released in 2010
I Loved Her First - single cowrite with Walt Aldridge, recorded by Heartland
Your Smile - released on Josh Turner's album "Haywire"
I'm Just The Road - single released on Aaron Watson's 2010 album