Elliot Wolf

Elliot Wolf


Culmination of rock energy and folk lyricism. A youthful, but experienced approach in live performance and songwriting. The last two years of touring all over the world has helped shape the group into a unique and dignified rock and roll band.


Elliot Wolf or better known for his actual name, William Thompson spent the last two years touring the world in his Austin-based group, The Steps. Thompson wrote and delivered records released on Young and Lost Club Records in the UK and Kurofune Records in Japan. Earlier this year in July 2009, The Steps made their 2009 U.S. national release with their EP, Take It All In through Playing in Traffic Records(Red distro). After completing a two month long solo tour of Europe this summer, William started work on the Elliot Wolf project which features three other prominent Austin songwriters. Work on a their debut EP is scheduled for mid december accompanied by a U.S. tour after release.


Single- Outlaw, released on Young and Lost Club Records in the UK exclusively. (2007)

LP- Steps, released on Kurofune records in Japan and other Asain online markets. (2008)

EP- Take It All In, released nationally on Playing in Traffic Records. (2009)

EP- Elliot Wolf & Wild Fiction, scheduled for release in mid december (2009)

The Japanese release with the single, Cold Floors received heavy airplay for the months leading up to and after the band's tour of Asia. There are also streaming songs and videos featured on myspace, facebook, youtube and other social networks that feature the band.

Set List

typical set list is approximately 11-15 songs.
Some songs that appear within the typical set;
Blonde Smoke
Crown and Anchor
Pull the Chord
Turn Off Your Radar
Vitamin C
Loose Mind
Cold Floors
Too Far Gone