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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"The House of Rock"

"On 'One Course Current,' Ellipsis solidifies its sound: a brawny, unapologetic take on classic guitar rock"
"'One Course Current' is big but not bombastic, outfitted with enough groove to reference its New Orleans pedigree."
"The track 'Fool's Gold' could pass for a 'Led Zeppelin II' outtake." - Times Picayune, Keith Spera

"Ellipsis French Quarter Fest"

"Ellipsis played music that floated in spaciness, but they also incorporated a reggae sound as well. It would seem like syncopated punctuations a full, catchy almost symphonic vocal and musical melodies wouldn't go together, but they pulled the mix off well." - LiveNewOrleans.com


"The simple fact that such intelligent, innovative, New Orleans rock is coming from a band not old enough to buy beer at Winn-Dixie is awe-inspiring." - Offbeat Magazine

"West Coast sound comes to Chelsea's"

"Bottom line is these guys know what they are doing, plain and simple. Long time friends and musicians and it shows. The harmonies sweet and the instruments expertly add to the melodic grooves the band is known for." - Tigerweekly

"Ellipsis brings reggae rhythms, rock style to Fayetteville"

"This versatile four-member band from New Orleans can rock out and chill you out at the same time." - The Arkansas Traveler

"Ellipsis Bliss"

"Lead Singer Paddock has a very appealing and powerful voice. On their latest release, But A Breath, Craig brandishes vocals that any musician would envy. It's full of passion and noticeable from the first track on the record..."
"...this album is a substantial and solid debut. I would expect nothing less that a good rock show from these guys." - Wilmington Times

"Ready to Rock"

"Quality rock is not extinct, the members of modern rock quartet agree, just endangererd."
"Having done thier homework, Ellipsis is about to graduate to the next stage of an open-ended career...Groove-driven and muscular, the music is still colored by funk, raggae, and other rrots influences." - The Times Picayune

"Lakeside to Riverside"

"In the last year, local rock band Ellipis has started to ascend into the national spotlight. Ellipsis' classically tinged modern rock sound conatins some funky flavor, and all members list noteable local musicians among their influences. Mixing their various influences and sounds their live show has the potential to spin in various directions." - Where Y'AT

"If i were younger"

"If I were twenty years younger, I'd be killing to get with these kids." - Brian Stoltz of the Funky Meters, Bob Dylan, Neville Brothers...


numerous E.P.s and demos.
2004 But a Breath (Independent)
2006 One Course Current (What Noise?)

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Feeling a bit camera shy


Quickly emerging with a loyal following from one of the most competitive music markets in the world, Ellipsis has met every challenge they’ve faced. They have won over a sold out arena audience in their hometown, New Orleans; they have come less than a hundred people short of selling out the House of Blues; and they have played the headlining stage at the world renowned New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. This band has also shared the stage with acts such as Incubus, Jack Johnson, the North Mississippi All Stars, Better than Ezra, Crossfade, the Funky Meters, and Lifehouse. The band also toured in support of their debut record, “But a Breath,” for nearly 18 months straight, from San Francisco to Tampa with many a stop in between. But coming from a town as self contained and content as New Orleans, what does this mean to the rest of the world?
This band’s music is both timeless and universal. Ellipsis is a touring live band, not a one hit single sensation. Yet whether intended or not, their songs are teeming with hooks and melodies that even the most perverse music listener cannot deny. Songwriting is their base, and musicianship their cavalry. Armed with the rhythmic culture of their hometown, their groove-driven sound is soulful and diverse, with enough mainstream sensibility to keep any listener, young or old, engaged from start to stop. It is a sound, with clever, subtle hints of psychedelia, which could easily be categorized in the modern marketplace as part of the Retro rebirth of the 70’s. But even a brief listen will prove that they approach their music and playing with more power and conviction than most bands in this movement. Ellipsis contributes growing up in New Orleans to allotting them the freedom to find their sound, without fighting to conform or fit in. After all, brass bands outnumber rock bands three to one. While the band is not averse to comparisons to Led Zeppelin, the Police, Incubus, and Sublime; their eerily familiar sound is uniquely their own.
But with the new year approaching and momentum at an all time high, the band’s greatest test was yet to come. Hurricane Katrina left the band dispersed across the country, with a totaled tour vehicle, a discontinued two year relationship with their management and booking, and an inability to access their instruments and recording studio, What Noise? Studios. They have since replaced their van with a full size school bus and are eager to get back on the road. Having persevered, reformed, and managed to finish recording their record in the midst of calamity (and quite a story it is), this band has nothing left to prove. The proof is in print, and it is called “One Course Current.” This long-awaited sophomore release is in stores March 17th. They are currently rebuilding their camp from the ground up, shopping for both management and booking. And with the oldest member a mere twenty two years old, this band is in it for the long haul, and will one day be known as one of the greats.