Bright Red Road is the second solo project by Brooklyn based indie artist Ellsworth. It's a bit less edgy than his first album, American Compost which received rave critical reviews. The songs are strong, unique, joyous, petulant, unruly, frustrating, like a bunch of schoolyard kids in late summer


Ellsworth is a songwriter/singer/performer. He has been writing songs and performing in bands and solo since the ‘70’s. In 1999 he and longtime partner Phil Hicks released their debut acoustic, country/blues album, "Ask Around". It was selected as a finalist in the 2000 Crossroads Music Awards.
His second studio CD, "American Compost", is a smart, rockin' romp down the Great American Rock & Roll Superhighway. It has received rave critical reviews for the urgent vitality of the songs and for the raw passion left in the mix.
You can buy "AMERICAN COMPOST" AT: http://cdbaby.com/cd/ellsworth

Ellsworth's 3rd and newest studio album, Bright Red Road, is a bit less edgy than American Compost. Here he seems to tip his hat to the past with an air of acceptance and a need to move on. It's a tuneful testament to that point in time when you turn away, not with resignation or regret, but with closure. The first song will coax you in the door. After that it's a wild hayride down the potholed terrain of present-day Americana. Guitar, piano, accordion, saxophone, cello, fiddle & harmonica are the various vehicles for the always-bewitching narrative. The songs are strong, unique, joyous, petulant, unruly, frustrating, like a bunch of schoolyard kids in late summer. The singer's moods follow suit. The album holds together by attitude, not design - and gets better with each listen.
You can buy "BRIGHT RED ROAD" AT: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/Ellsworth2

Besides songwriting and performing, Ellsworth began producing music shows around the New York and New England area. His summertime Sunset Music Series on “the barge” in Brooklyn’s Redhook has become one of the coolest, sought after gigs in NYC. He also produces the Bull Run Concert Series at the Bull Run Restaurant in Massachusetts where he brings in “All the great performers I admired growing up.” This gave him the opportunity to meet and share the stage with some giants like Leon Russell, Levon Helm, Graham Parker, Maria Muldaur and Johnny Winter.

Some of Ellsworth’s highly original songs have been featured on radio, internet and feature films. “The Moon is a Faithless Lover” was in Ghetto Dawg with Drena DeNiro and Gianna Palminteri. And “The Things I Gotta Do to Stay Alive - Are Killing Me” was in The Clinic, an independent film that won Best Screenplay in the NYII Film Festival. His song “Up Above the World” was picked for the 2004 UMO Music: The 14 Best Singer/Songwriters of Greenwich Village compilation CD. And “Every Time She Thinks About Marie” received "Honorable Mention" in the 2009 Billboard World Song Contest.

"From the first song, Ellsworth sets his agenda, and that agenda is to make an absolute blinder of an album. The tunes are fantastic - singalongable, lighter-waveable, head-noddable. Ellsworth and chum play super-hot guitar - light, heart-plucking, perfect solos, and melodic backing that culminates in a truly satisfying album." - Helen Purves, Rawstar.net

"If the current state of rock radio was not such a complete mess, this release would probably garner a lot of attention from radio programmers. As it is, you will probably have to discover this album on your own. But the discovery is well worth it." - Americana Homeplace Radio

“When Ellsworth brings you along for a ride you're riding shotgun in an old beat up Chevy. You feel the wind in your hair. The landscape rushes by like some old Saturday matinee and you know you've been here before. You're smiling. This is the roots of Rock and Roll. Seat belts haven't even been invented yet."... Steve Innerman, RocToc.

"...what sets [Ellsworth and Hicks] apart is the casual way they come across as throwbacks to a time when songwriters sought to make some sense of the world, rather than settle for vocal acrobatics." - Mike Wolf - Music Editor, Time Out New York.


Every Time She Thinks About Marie

Written By: George Ellsworth Tocci

Every time she thinks about Marie
Something blossoms up inside her, taller than a tree
This just seems to happen naturally
Every time she thinks about Marie

In corner bars & cafes
How the good ol' boys all talk
Sayin' "That's not how things oughta to be"
She's just thinking "Why not?"

Every time she thinks about Marie
She steps a little lighter and she whistles on the breeze
Lets go all that dull philosophy
Every time she thinks about Marie

Every time she dreams about Marie
She dreams a watercolor canvas gold and green
Nothing looks quite how it used to be
Every time she dreams about Marie

Candidates & magistrates
Play hide & seek with the law
Nothing changes all that much
She keeps wondering "Why not?"

Every time she dreams about Marie
She wakes up in a cold sweat, bursting at the seams
No one else can offer much relief
Everytime she dreams about Marie

Daddy don't know why she just can't be
Happy with all she's got
Find herself a normal guy
She can't tell him why not

Everytime she can't find Marie
She wanders like a spirit down the frozen street
Faces glaring existentially
Everytime she can't find her
Everything's a gray reminder
Every time the phone rings
Every time the birds sing
She'll stop & think about her
Suddenly can't do without her
Everytime she thinks about Marie

She's So Sweet

Written By: George Ellsworth Tocci

I know a girl named Devon
Body built in heaven
She can melt your heart, do you know what I mean

But you can’t read her eyes
Beauty is her disuise
She can make you doubt everything you see

& when she wraps her arms around you
Your poor heart begins to pound you
Think you’ve found yourself a little angel queen.......

She’s so sweet
Pom poms on her feet
Lips like watermelon
& a smile that can’t be beat
I said she’s so sweet
Got those innocent eyes
When she looks right at you boy you don’t believe
No, you won’t believe
She lies!

She’s a walkin’ riddle
Playin’ both ends against the middle
A bona fide dichotomy queen

Walkin’ a fine line
One step ahead of the grapevine
You better keep your windshield clean

Cuz when she whispers in your ear
Tells you what you wanna hear
Wraps you in her smile til you don’t see what you see.......

She’s so sweet
Pom poms on her feet
Lips like cherry wine
& a smile that can’t be beat
I said she’s so sweet
got those innocent eyes
When she looks right at you boy you won’t believe
No, you don’t believe
She lies!

Like an Actor in a Play

Written By: Ellsworth

I Know
that it’s almost time to leave
You know
I could easily stay
You say
that it’s too late for choosin’
& I feel
like an actor in a play

I know
that we’re always on the move
You know
every season has it’s day
is just a fading photograph
& I feel
like an actor in a play

But it isn’t gold or dust
It isn’t even wanderlust
It’s just that all my life I’ve been waitin’ - hesitatin’
& now
It’s almost time
But I’m cryin’ oh................
I don’t want to go away
I don’t want to go away
But I know I have to go

I know
that it’s almost time to move
You know
how the seasons slip away
it’s impossible to choose
& I feel
Oh yes I feel
Ooh I feel like an actor in a play
and she knows I'm gonna go

Bright Red Road

Written By: Ellsworth

Someone’s always giving me a reason why they have to do the things they have to do to keep their dignity

And someone else is wailing out a convoluted tale about a guy up in the sky who tells them what should be

Someone gets a knife, takes another man’s life & then the other person’s wife will get a bomb you see

Everybody’s sure they’ve got to even up the score before this crazy world can be the way it oughta be........

But I’m in love with somebody
& I like red wine in the rain
Yes & cold white waterfalls out in the country
Where nobody goes
You can take off your clothes
Someday I may go

Someone’s always singing in a television world where all the ordinary people have such perfect teeth

Someone else is reading all the news that’s fit to print but I don’t ever see reporters down on my street

Nobody is pointing out that thirty thousand people die of hunger everyday, it’s not sexy

Someone ought to tell ‘em but it’s not an easy sell and all the advertisers may get testy..........

Waiting in the corner
for this world to come to order
to begin my life
No no no
Standing by the window watching dreams go by I realize
there’s no time left but now!

Someone’s scared of talkin’ cuz the government is watchin’ & the people that they’re watchin’ r now you & me

Someone else is claimin’ that you really shouldn’t blame ‘em they’re just trying to avoid a big catastrophe

But nobody knows where they’re gonna go what they’re gonna say who’s interpreting it anyway

Somebody is searching for the unofficial version in the mountains of unfathomable paper weight.........


CD - "Ask Around" - Ellsworth and Hicks - duo - 1999
CD - "Not Quite Single-handed" - Ellsworth - solo - 2000
CD - "Jalopy" - Ellsworth - solo - 2002
CD - "Back to NYC" - Ellsworth & the Lost Boys - band - 2003
CD - "American Compost" - Ellsworth Band - 2007
CD - "Bright Red Road" - Ellsworth Band - 2010

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