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Elmer Ballard


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How many days I've sat here lookin' out across the waters of the Bay

Tryin' to write a song when I didn't really have a lot to say

Don't know why I keep on tryin' maybe I'm just not a poet after all

But like a kid upon a bike - gotta keep on peddlin' or I'll fall

Maybe what I'm lookin' for is somethin' I aint ever gonna find

Maybe there's just no such thing as happiness or even peace of mind

travelin' down the road I think that goal is always just around the bend

Can it be this road I'm travelin' really is a road without an end

Travelin' in circles - wearin' down
my soul day by day

Travelin' in circles - with no
direction signs along the way

Sometimes when I'm drinkin' I get to thinkin' I have solved the mystery

"bout what I'm doin' here - who I am and what I'm really 'sposed to be

But when I sober up i find I really didn't have the answer after all

So I just keep on peddlin' - gotta keep on peddlin' or I'll fall

"Gotta keep on peddlin' to fade...."