Elmers Youngest

Elmers Youngest


Elmers Youngest " The Kid With a Cause" Great listening music, a blend of Country,Jazz and Rock. Love song's that make the heart swoon with joy and saddness. And song's that raise awareness to "Causes" such as, homelessness, AIDS, drug addiction,the environment and the love of God & Country


Born in Washington D.C. and raised in a small town; Garrett Park;
I remember carrying protest signs and helping out in the soup kitchens; it seemed everyone was standing for something. I started writing and playing music on the piano at age 8 – I was the first to play an original song at our school recital. By 17, I was playing original songs on the guitar, thru-out Georgetown & the Washington D.C. clubs.
I have followed up my dreams with actions.
I hope to raise awareness to ‘Causes’ such as homelessness, AIDS, drug addiction, the environment and the love of God and Country.
Also on the subject of AIDS; I personally do not have AIDS but am hoping the song hits home.
Peace, loves’ & hugs,
Elmers Youngest


Elmers Youngest "The Kid With a Cause"
Released 2007
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