Iam Princess Elmichel Of the Royal PODS and i came up with this music genre space hop a decent form of expressed word to music that with Project H.O.P.E. Heaven on planet earth can change the world peoples living situations to get better and better all the time and forever


The Elmichel - American/ Puerto Rican Sovereign is seen as having 3 major roles

1. Head of State

2. Head of a Nation

3.Head of the World

As head of state the Queen Elmichel handles constitutional and representational if need be developed over 1 trillion years of knowledge unmasked in this blessed day.

Queen Elmichel having a big part in state functions, as an active Presidential representative of the United States. Orders in counsel that Elmichel sends out have to be approved signed by me Elmichel G.O.D. the God Elmichel.

Elmichel represents the world people no matter what part of the world. The Queen of the world receives state national international and foreign wealth as donations to the Crown PODS. Ambassadors and high commissioners entertainers visiting heads of state look to visit the Queen for gift giving purposes ASAP.

As head of the world people of the PODS Elmichel has a country financial system taking care of her and family by means of a direct link to the World Bank and European banks.

As head OF STATE my role formal important social and cultural functions I manifest.

Maintaining focus for self nationality identity unity and pride living a stable life forever;

My walk through of communities the Queen Elmichel can meet who she wants safely never in harms way. The Queen Elmichel sovereign status is made strong as a word as borne bond and with lineage linking the people of the PODS native tribes; America Mediterranean, Tropics.

Elmichel can maintain a stress free state from her home. Manifestation sessions assist in the uplifted of the human earthlings, pets and nature resources.

The political parties will not be segregated this state of the union is unified for the country sake.

The Queen Elmichel knows even when political parties officials come and go The Sovereign Michel Anissa Powell1 Elmichel still continues as "Head of States"

The Elmichel is able to recognize success in her self and others and reward the party at the time.

The Elmichel has 10,000 companies, corporations, organizations listed as charitable to the Royal Crown as patrons to assisting the lavish life style of a true Queen Elmichel forever.

The Queen is supported by members of "The People of the PODS" family members of the Royal family and PODS tribal members by monthly and annuls affordable enlistments.
Elmichel Head of states of the world people from her United States of America. My official title G.O.D. the God Elmichel aka Michel A. Powell1 the title own in all the world the first. By the grace of GOD the United States and Puerto Rico and my realms territories and multi dimensions. Being and democratic monarchy Elmichel does work in Government and rule the country. Also fulfilling ceremonial formal roles in respect to self and people of the PODS. Queen Elmichel with her triple Crown Bilingual languages English and Spanish (Black Hispanics). Prepared to lead the US army. As a true Queen i vote and have a mind to make decision and have an opinion. My Majesty employs gentlemen, ladies and respectful males and females to reflect respect to the PODS Crown. The 20 ladies/20 gentlemen of house of PODS are Honorable PODS order of chivalry.


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Set List

Summer time
Iam Puerto Rican
make me feel good

10 minutes for two song 15 for three