Elnhaas Brain

Elnhaas Brain


Elevator Pitch? Say what? Ladies, Gentlemen, I play guitar. Everything here was done on one guitar, a bass and a few percussive trinkets. Just listen.


Brian Raubacher started on the music scene with a regional band out of Northern Virginia known as Laidback. Laidback played in and out of small bars and clubs until making their way up to Headlining at regional music festivals and, a personal favorite, The State Theatre in Falls Church. Laidback had the honor of gracing the stage with many local, regional, and national acts until calling it quits in September of 2008.

Now, with time on his hands and a love affair with his Alvarez, Brian has quickly found a new outlet for his ideas...Elnhaas Brain. Elnhaas Brain is an idea of complexity born out of minimalism. Each track is made using as few instruments as possible, while trying to create a fulfilling sound. The core drum sounds are created by an assortment of hits on different parts of the guitars body and creativity with microphone placement. In addition, an egg shaker or tambourine is added. Place this underneath an Alvarez acoustic guitar, and add Fender Jazz bass for a taste of groove here and there and you have the brain.

Brian is stepping out and trying the one thing that previously scared the crud out of him...singing.

"Singing was always a weak point for me. Basically it is really hard to stand in front of people and do it, especially when you are part of a band that already has a great vocalist. I have had a whole lot of reason for it recently though. As a pre k and kindergarten teacher, little smiling faces are asking me to do it all the time. I guess I found my inspiration."

Well, thanks for reading, but really, just go listen.

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juggler 2

Written By: Brian Raubacher

I've been thinking about learning how to juggle,
Its still just a thought though.
The force of each throw could easily harm those standing to close.
Its perhaps a dilemma of physics, or the physical.
Its the tip of my fingers that desire to linger outside their normal realm of touch.
It becomes so complicated when we incorporate people.
It becomes so complex when we think about our hearts.
Perhaps I'll tame a lion, I will name it in honor of myself.
Each lash would be blood off my own back but the backlash would surely strike someone else.
If only science could explain human nature,
then we could formulate a program to solve all our problems in advance.

Teachers Lounge

Written By: Brian Raubacher

A nap on the couch as I play guitar,
Just one moment for me to hold your heart.
Each fingered note is another touch, which laid on skin like music is quite soft.
You nap on the couch, I play guitar,
And I pretend I'm not looking as I invest my time in this song.
Bodies are distant but thoughts are not far,
I can see on your face that your listening.
The furthest I get my be in this song.
If you think thats best then I'll comply,
But I'd be remiss if I said congratulations on this day.
If a lost ring could have been a sign,
Not of the end but beginning,
Then I would take this all the way.
A sign of affection is soft on my soul,
but your touch is not for me.
I believe this connection will play out its part.
But I'm to scared to accept the possibilities.
The heat of the summer it weighs so much, and I have trouble breathing.
I wish you water its best if you're not.
Out of respect I offer my cup to those who came before me.
After its gone just know that you still fill me up.


Written By: Brian Raubacher

Rest knowing that you have my trust
you have to trust me too
Dream knowing that someday may come
I dream of you everyday
travel knowing that I'l await your return
I don't want to leave you
Peace knowing that we'll be forgiven
And I know its hard for you to believe
Trust in me and all your friends
We will be forgiven

that I may lift you up

Hope knowing that I hope with you
and I hope you do
love knowing that you have my heart
and I've got yours too
Though separate together
Its gotten so damn hard
Marvel that through all this complexity in the universe
there is you, there is me
with whom we are the most ourselves
you're so damn close
I can feel your skin
our hearts pounding rhythm
I can't take this
I can't resist.

This is not allowed

Written By: Brian Raubacher

You should know that you are a crutch I use to get around
and by now I should have learned that this is not allowed.
I liked my life, but walked with a limp in rhythm to missing sound,
Filled of late by strings that vibrate I can hear you loudly now.
I'll sing along and add my own words but keep them to myself.
I'd tell you you're perfect and deserving of love that only I can help.
I'll look at you,straight at your soul and strum chords to bring it out.
and by now, we should have learned that this is not allowed.
Tear down this wall
and see you standing there
Tear down this wall
and touch you everywhere.