Electro Pop by Parisian elodieO ...with Hip Hop and New Wave elements...somewhere between Bjork, Serge Gainsbourg and Brazilian Girls.


elodieO is a Parisian Electro Pop singer and composer. Trained as a dancer, actress, and Classical cellist, she first worked in theater and television in Paris, France where she was born. elodieO eventually moved to New York City with a double scholarship (French Government, New York University) to further her knowledge of music and dance. Working as a dancer on and off Broadway, she began her own Jazz band and performed in numerous New York City clubs while simultaneously creating Elm, a French Indie pop duo, with instrumentalist Manuel Bienvenu. Elm released two albums (Elm, 1998; Sunny Scenics, 2002), played many festivals, and appeared on live radio and television shows.

Since 2004 elodieO has spent her time composing, arranging, and producing her own music. Her sensual and quirky songs are divided equally between French and English, and her compositions and arrangements recall Bjork and Brazilian Girls with some New Wave and Hip Hop elements. The emotion and tonality of her delicate singing whisper has been described as blend between Nico and the 60's French pop of Francoise Hardy.

In 2004 elodieO released her first EP (available on iTunes). This coming spring, her full length debut album will be out, featuring Jesse Murphy and Aaron Johnston from Brazilian Girls as well as many talented New York and Parisian musicians.

"ElodieO's music is a refined combination of sparse, carefully chosen electronic sounds and - naturally - a beautiful whispery voice with a charming French accent." (Deli Magazine)


-elodieO - EP: elodieO , 2005 produced by elodieO & popcorn lab

-elm: Sunny Scenics, 2002, telescopic (LP)

-v/a: Imaginary Songs (A tribute to The Cure), 2001, polydor

-Elm covers Apart (single part of polydor compilation)

-elm: elm, 1998, popcorn lab (LP)

-elodieO: elodie's band, 1998 self released

-Brooklyn Lighthouse: Some Time in a Dream, 1996(LP)

Set List

Has enough original material for an hour and 20 minute set.