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"Purchased Cd Reviews"

true hip hop
author: Crack Sizzlack
this cd is off the hook and the artist is incredibly concious. keeps his ear to the street as well as keepin it real on all the tracks. keeps it concious witout corniness. crack

author: Abed
Elohim Marino is a talented artist ;the lyrics in his songs has alot of meaning and beat in each song is well thought of.

author: Milesh
True Hip-Hop headz need to get this CD ASAP. If you're looking for deep, vivid and meaningful lyrics crafted over dope beats, then this CD is what you need. This is true Underground Rap at it's finest! The beats go hard and I can't say there's a mediocre song on the album. Hip-Hop nowadays is like a chest of jewelz filled with sand. The sand is the ish you hear constantly on the radio - dig far enough into the sand and you'll eventually discover a jewel. This certainly is one. Definately one of the best albums I have heard in a good minute! Peace.

The Best Hip Hop Artist!!
author: ~*~Detters~*~
The music is awsome! the lyrics, the beats, too! why is this music not on the radio station??? i love it!

The Best Hip Hop Artist!!
author: ~*~Detters~*~
The music is awsome! the lyrics, the beats, too! why is this music not on the radio station??? i love it!

author: ~*CaLLi*~
That's what people be calling after they give this album a listen. If you like hip-hop you'll love 'Son Of Hip-Hop.' Let's get this on the charts! Enough said.

author: Jonesey
How is this kid not all over the charts?? He deserves any success that comes his way. The music is pure

author: Jonesey
How is this kid not all over the charts?? He deserves any success that comes his way. The music is pure

True Talent!
author: Crystal G
Man, I don't know what it is about the voice on this cd but it is captivating. I luv the songs, they real and deep. I know that this is just the beginning. May, God open more and more doors for you mane. Thanks your Loyal Fan.

This is by far the best shit I've seen from any artist period in a minute. I run
author: J Blakk
There is no question. This man has a message and a method of getting that message across. He's good, consistent, and concise. Not sure how far he can go in the industry with so much truth but if you like soulful "real" rap, this is it. This is the shit Pac was on and Beanie Seigel rap about. This is that Common Sense meets Nas kind of shit. Not crazy gangsta with bullshit that's doubtful, and at the same time hard as fuck. This album's the shit, no doubt. "He that hath ears, let him hear"

Hip Hop With Purpose
author: Kitch
It is so refreshing to hear an artist not rappin' about the same old thing. I had never heard of this cat so I decided to give him a try. Hot beats, crazy lyrics; this joint is one of the best hip hop albums I have heard in a long, long time.

author: Randal
Yo Elohim keep up the good work and keepin hip hop real! This is one of the dopest underground hip hop albums I've bought in a while.

author: Flyness
This album was FABOLOUS! Each song is worth listening to over and over again! You are an amazing person. You have a talent and are using it to your full potential! You are blessed dude, Keep up the good work. I dont even have a FAV song, i was trying to figure out which one was my fav, but i was unable to do so, because the whole entire album is on FIRE! You are the TRUTH. AKA. ELOHIM MARINO rulez. ps. im waiting on a track that made especially for me! that my dear will then be the hottest song on the album, why..because its about me...DUH! PEOPLE that havent checked out the album, need to do so now. Its exuberant. Awful sound, boulevard music, troubles with God...GOOD music!

author: Monique
Hey Asani this is your long time friend Monique ... congrats on the cd imma buy 5 ok .... lol.....KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

Keep up the good work!
author: bridget brooks
hey fren, i didn't get to hear the whole cd, but so far so good. I really like Troubles with God and This is home. You deserve all the goodness the comes of this becasue I know how long and hard you've been at this and now its your time to shine.

make a lot of sense
author: j. n. e.
keep up the good work, never change your style make a difference, change a generation.

author: EL
This music sounds refreshing to say the least. It is a seamless blend of consciousness and gritty non-apologetic lyrics.

Great Album.....Bangin beats..Explosive Lyrics!!!
author: Jameel J
This is honestly one of the best albums I have heard in a long time. Son Of Hip Hop is filled with powerful lyrical content along with tracks that u can bang ur head to. Elohim uses strong Meta's and similes throughout the album. This album is definitely goin in the right direction. Every track has a solid beat.... this album is a must have.....I can't stop bumpin it in my Whip...full blast....Great Album

Great Album.....Bangin beats..Explosive Lyrics!!!
auth - Cd Baby

"Album Review"

Welcome Elohim Marino to the Rapmullet review section. Boulevard music is in full effect. If you don't know what that is you will soon enough. There is most def a movement in NYC right now, its in the early stages and some MCs doent even now their a part of it but its real. Real being the key word. Real meaning real life, the truth, real facts, real lyrics, real messages. Step outside of the "colonial" music industry and you will find real MCs doing real music just like Elohim Marino.

I haven't heard any MC open their CD like Elohim Marino did with "Think". Who asks the listener to "think" now a days? And I quote: "Take a minute to think / before you pull that fifth / take a second to blink / we don't own our existince / we lost our identity / so you tell me who the enemy?" One listen and you know the direction of the CD. The track that was really really speaking to me as a whole (beat/flow/lyrics) was "Boulevard Music ". It was in the Rapmullet IPod a couple weeks ago. Click the link, soak it up like a sponge..."Boule Music" in it's purest form; that hook is crazy. One line that speaks volumes and I quote: "being a man is something these new cats won't teach you cause they shittin' on the hood with their homo scriptures." Think about that shit man...it's true. I wish I could highlight each track but I have to leave something for readers to go cop the CD and support good music. With that said, to say "Troubles With God" is a deep track is an understatment. I don't care who you are, theres a verse on here you can relate to at some point in your life. Concept wise "You Wish " is bitch slapping the shit out of hip pop culture. I like the way they flipped the beat giving Elohim Marion a lil different sound which enabled him to get busy with the word play. If you don't nod your head to this...I can't help you.

I feel almost guilty having got a copy of the CD for free to review. This is music you "have to" support. It's funny to me, people always complaining about music sucks but if you look hard enough there is good music out there. I guess that's were Rapmullet comes into play too. If you're into lyrics or MCs dropping jewels in their rhymes to make you think you need to cop this CD. Production wise Tony 2 Tone did his thing. The production compliments everything about Elohim Marino and what he's got to say. I wouldn't change a thing. If anything tho I would want to hear a couple more up tempo joints just to balance out the slow flow tracks that are so hard hitting lyrically. Elohim Marino is a skilled MC putting out good music in a time where "they" don't want you to know he exists...be thankful he does and support. The "Boule Movement" is real. www.myspace.com/elohimmarino (3/12/07)
- Rapmullet.com


Tracklist : Elohim Marino " Son of HipHop "

1 Think
2 Black Livin'
3 Boulevard Music
4 Elohim Rulez
5 Commercial
6 Paper Chasin'
7 Timeless Thoughts
8 Troubles With God
9 This Is Home
10 That Awful Sound
11 Monsters
12 Two Sides Of Me
13 Demonz
14 Crown
15 Babylon's On Fire
16 Gravediggerz
17 Die A Rebel
18 You Wish
19 Uncontrolled Emotions



Queens, NY - In a hip-hop market saturated with one hit wonders and artists who are self-absorbed with bling blaow materialism and over boasting self-worth, it is refreshing to hear a younger cat like Elohim Marino come in with a very genuine, self-spoken sound that discloses his most inner thoughts. He really lets you feel where he's coming from while consistently highlighting his lyrical strength day in, day out.

He is a Son of Hip-Hop and his style, while largely unique, gives you a real feel for the "golden age" of the music despite being a young emcee himself. Elohim embodies bits and pieces of hip-hop legends with his own unique spin that ultimately produces a very smooth and next level vibe -- not to forget the stellar production provided by Tony2Tone, who is Elohim's friend and business partner.

Elohim Marino connected with Tony2Tone and together they established their own means (along with the BlaQ Ink Family) to release their music independently -- BlaQ Ink. recently released Elohim Marino's Son of Hip-Hop CD and will be the launch pad for future releases from Elohim Marino.

Check Elohim's thoughts on the industry and his quest to be heard internationally as a self-standing artist who didn't conform to record label demands or shady contracts.