El Petit de Cal Eril
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El Petit de Cal Eril


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Per què es grillen les patates? (2007-2012)
I les sargantanes al sol (2009)
Cançons de Nadal (w/ Anímic, 2009)
Vol i dol (2010)
La figura del buit (2013)



El Petit de Cal Eril has started his own peculiar odyssey: he sinks into the sea like lead, learning how to breathe underwater, he has become the object of scientific research, flying into space and, when he sees his own integrity's threatened he transforms into plankton and floats around invisible.

Those are the lyrics of one song, but that story could actually summarize Eril's own journey. He reinvents himself with every album, avoiding predictability and with a total innocent face he breaks the mold. Maybe this is why he's performed at Barcelona main festivals, such as Primavera Sound, BAM...

After the nostalgic and anxiety that sounded in "Vol i Dol", the sun rises. He'll probably not admit but he looks more optimistic and happy. He looks free. "Nobody can ever stop my desire for laughing", he sings.

With so much happiness, his songs have flourished one after the other. 1, 2, 3... up till 17 songs that form this double vinyl called "La Figura del Buit" ("The Figure of Emptiness"). To Infinity and Beyond!

You start with "La Figura del Buit" through the cover of the album. Climb up the balconies, gossip behind the curtains and see who's hiding under that cloth that looks like a ghost. Joan Pons emulates Ray Davies with the dual role of storyteller and character portrait. And you ask who R. Davies is? That's like asking who the pharmaceutical is in Lleida, a small city in Catalonia, or the red-haired girl wearing clogs. They're all part of the same universe, small links in the continuum of time. "We're made of dreams and past lives". "We're miracles of a cosmic spirit". Yes. Or to put it another way: "These mountains were already here when I was just a small pine branch".

So that's that. If we play with phonetics, "la Figura del Buit" refers to mixtapes and analogic technology. This time it's time to follow the logic of 'Indie'. Or even Punk. "La Figura del Buit" is pure "Do-It-Yourself", or at least, Do-It-With-Your-Friends.

The album was recorded at Guissona's Theatre shoulder to shoulder with Mau Boada (Aus, Esperit!). The result is an album that sounds black and raw. The psychedelia comes out of his ears. A bit like Yo La Tengo covering soul classics, or like "Forever Changes" of Love. There are bright melodies like Motown and California harmonies. There are saxophones, trumpets and trombones. And a female choir. And the crunchy sound of the Hammond sustaining un rhythmic building that will make you want to dance.

Everything forms a "Sandinista"-style collage, where potential hits coexist alongside unthinkable experiments.

Eril excites and surprises us with this new work so distant from "Per què grillen les patates?" (Recently reissued on vinyl), to the presumed innocence of "I les sargantanes al sol" (2009) and the mysticism of "Vol i Dol" (2010).

After getting rid of his usual band to reinvent himself, now Joan Pons hits the road with "La Figura del Buit" and adds more carats to his value as songwriter that already shines among the best music that our Record Label has brought out.

When El Petit de Cal Eril sings it's impossible to not make you happy. And if you want to make him happy during an interview... do not ask him about the album. Ask him about the album cover.