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"Former Marshall Thundering Herd WR Launches Rap Career"

At 6'4" 220 lbs, Demetrius "El Prezidino" Doss isn't hard to spot in a crowd. Ask
Doss and he'll tell you himself he has always stood out amongst his peers, with his physical size, charisma and God given talent to entertain. Demetrius Doss is about to launch his foray in the world of hip-hop with what he proclaims to be a groundbreaking sound built for the masses.

Doss's journey began in his early childhood days in a gritty neighborhood in South Philadelphia and culminated during his adolescent years in Virginia Beach, VA. "Although I was born in Philadelphia, Virginia Beach is my home. Philly is in my DNA, it's something that has been a part of me since birth, but the Beach is my heart."

The gift to entertain is something that has always come easy to Doss, something he never really had to work at. Early on he knew he possessed an ability to deliver lyrics in a poetic, fluid style but it's something he never set as a goal for his future. "I knew I had the ability but I just disregarded it."

Sports was Doss's first true love and basketball was his passion. " I was the biggest Micheal Jordan fan alive," Doss says, "Basketball was all I ever wanted to do." One of his greatest and most prized possessions as a youth was a pair of Air Jordan sneakers he received for a Christmas present. As a high schooler he had the opportunity to play against Tracy McGrady of Mt. Zion and get a close up look at greatness in action.

The football thing was something that happened as a result of a coach who convinced him
to try out for the team. After just one year of high school football, Doss accepted a full
ride to Marshall University, which at that time was a football program on the rise with a
whirlwind of talented players such as Randy Moss and Chad Pennington.

As luck would have it, Doss had the opportunity to brush again with greatness in the
likes of QB Chad Pennington and no other than rising superstar QB Byron Leftwich. As Doss will tell you flat out, there is nothing like playing football for a winning program. Doss was indoctrinated early with the bright lights of media exposure and fan interest. Doss explains, "It's difficult to explain to average people the perks of being the big men on campus, to be recognized wherever you go, it was an experience I'll treasure for life." With Leftwich at quarterback the Thundering Herd advanced to two GMAC Bowls.

Because of nagging injuries, Doss didn't get any significant playing time throughout his career but still generated interest from pro scouts. After finishing his football playing days at Marshall and earning his degree in Business Management, Doss worked out for the 2002 draft with the likes of current Chief RB Larry Johnson, Vikings WR Billy McMullen and Steelers CB Ike Taylor. On draft day there were no calls despite overtures from Philadelphia and Indianapolis. After being invited to the Jets camp for a tryout, he wasn't signed.

Disappointed but not deterred, Doss caught on with an Arena football team, the Evansville Bluecats where he set a team record for the number of catches in season.

Around this time, Doss, who was always exposed to the teachings of the church, become influenced by people close to him to seek Christianity as a faith. After formally accepting Christ in 2004, Doss began to slowly come around full circle to the musical gifts that he rarely used since his youth. Doss, an avid fan of the Wu Tang Clang before his personal transition heard Kanye West's "Jesus Walks" and it changed his course. "I thought to myself, this is the type of music people should be listening to."

Doss coined the name "El Prezidino" which is a derivative of the nickname Dino as a youth and began freestyling at Church functions in Virginia. It was here he met Wesley Powell, CEO of GTown Records whose prior experience managing hip-hop legend KRS-One led him to see the potential in Doss. With Powell as his manager, Doss began perfecting his craft.

Doss describes his music as life changing. "I want to assist people to live and think without limits. Society needs new food. Hip-Hop is at a crossroads and needs to be injected with a shot of fresh, new, creative energy. The music has such an influence on mainstream society. I want to set a new change of pace." Doss doesn't deny or apologize for his stance and insist he does have a purpose but agrees that a spiritual message can be entertaining as well as enlightening.

Doss readily admits he will draw lightning and ruffle feathers but as he so eloquently
puts it "No one should have a problem with Dino, I'm just the messenger, and if they do,
they can take it up with the heavenly father. I live by the motto, change the world!"

The EL Prezidino EP "The Warning" was released July 3rd. To hear sample tracks go to www.CDBaby.com/ElPrezidino

To see EL Prezidino the man, go to his webpage, www.myspace.com/prezidino - DC Metro Sports

"El Prezidino"

If 50 Cent and Norega are Hip Hop’s super villains, then South Philadelphia born but Virginia Beach raised El Prezidino, has to be Hip Hop’s righteous Superman defending traditional ethics. - Urb Magazine/Urb.com

"Mixtape: El Prezidino – Almost Genius Almost Crazy | @prezidino"

.....this is a crazy compilation from DMV native El Prezidino, as he’s at the helm of his band-influenced team. Seriously, just click the link and you’ll immediately hear the genius in the music. A must download! - iLLVibes-dmv.com

"MIXTAPE: El Prezidino – Almost Genius Almost Crazy"

The album’s original production is incredibly varied with all kinds of sounds popping up from rock to 80's new wave. The instrumentals that they choose to rock over gives the project a cohesive feel, with them not just using the beats and flows of the original songs, but making them their own entirely. Well done sirs.
- PleaseDontStare.com

"TRACK OF THE WEEK: El Prezidino-Long Distance Love Thang"

Finally took some time to listen to El Prezidino's new tape Almost Genius, Almost Crazy and this sh*t was a breathe of fresh air. This mixtape's got it all...catchy pop songs, funky soul songs, politically motivated songs, and story-telling masterpieces. Prezidino's got the versatility to pull it all off with a veteran's flow and lyrical prowess thats hard to find in new artists. This isn't your average mixtape with some freestyles over the top industry beats; Each track was crafted carefully with a theme and concept. There are too many dope track to pick a favorite. Residing in the DMV area myself, Excuse My Commonwealth is a crowd pleaser, Uhh-Ohh is that Nas-like introspective track , A Very Bad Day is a f***king mental movie unfolding, and so on and so on. I could have picked any of these as the Track of the Week, but Imma go with Long Distance Love Thang with Prezidino spitting some creative bars over OutKast's Roses. Haven't heard anyone ride this beat since a comparison to Andre 3000 is usually a setup for failure, but Prezidino holds his own, keeping the funkiness of the original while adding his own humor and dope concept over the track. - chivatoslounge.com

"El Prezidino: The Illness"

EL Prezidino: The Illness

By: Almond Seals

Virginia-based football player turned lyricist Demetrius “El Prezidino” Doss epitomizes how true hip-hop music should sound. This comes without having to detail fancy clothing, a slab on 24 inches, and choreographing a major dance routine, which comes along with the numerous songs released in this day in age.

With the release of his current LP The Illness, El Prezidino depicts edgy story tales and ingenious anecdotes while keeping listeners entertained with his raw rhymes. Songs like “Athletes and Frat Boys” showcases a witty, unique spin on amusing scenarios in life. His numerous plays on words and innovative techniques to rapping, place El Prezidino on the lyrical level of Kanye West, who he cites as one of his major influences.

Prezidino possesses a passion for taking risks and thinking outside the box into diverse genres of music, especially with him being a dedicated fan to rock music. This ultimately motivates him to write hard-hitting records.

In addition to being a talented rap artist, El Prezidino also serves as the CEO of his indie label 3Fingers Music Group. When he released The Illness on his label in March, it debuted in the number 3 position on the CMJ Hip-Hop Charts. His ultimate goal is to take home the Best New Artist Grammy in the coming years. Overall, this is the answer to music fans’ prayers for an original hip-hop and cutting-edge hip hop form.
- Unsigned The Magazine

"El Prezidino - Keeping It Real"

El Prezidino is emerging as an edgy – clean – alternative in a genre of music many describe as being on life support. He brings an international flair and competent lyrics to Hip Hop with a trailblazing essence that catches you off guard. In a genre that is starting to be “same-old, same old”, El Prezidino – AKA: Demetrius Doss – delivers surprises.

When I first listened to El Prezidino’s tracks, I thought “Something isnt’t quite right.” But I went back and listened again and got it. El Prezidino is breaking new ground with his lyrics and delivery that goes beyond the droll “iambic pentameter” delivery of those rappers who just want to rhyme their way into Pimphood. Obviously, El Prezidino has bigger ambitions.

IRM: El Prezidino, here are you from?

ELP: I was born in South Philly, but I’m from Virginia Beach, VA.

IRM: How does living in that area affect your songwriting?

ELP: Well, I currently live in Northern Virginia – near Washington D.C – but being raised in Virginia Beach and Norfolk, which is the biggest Naval base area in the United States, allows you to see so many different cultures. With so many military families having to live there, and these families are from all over, it allows you the opportunity to get exposed to different cultures, backgrounds, and geographic areas without actually visiting those places. And I think that’s why my fan base is so diverse, because of my upbringing. I think there’s something that everybody (no matter what nationality you are) sees in El Prezidino that they can identify with.

IRM: What’s the greatest thing that’s ever been said about your music?

ELP: That my music is “clean, yet edgy.” I think that really explains my music. My topics and themes are so “left-field” from what is currently being promoted on radio that it’s edgy. And somebody also told me, after they seen me perform live, that I was the most passionate artist that they have ever seen before. That was a pretty dope comment too!

IRM: What are your main musical influences?

ELP: By far, U2, Jeff Buckley, Nirvana, and Kanye West.

IRM: If you’re life was a song, what song would it be?

ELP: Either “Tonight, Tonight” by Smashing Pumpkins or “Stronger” by Kanye West. Or (and you knew this was coming, right) “Monster” by El Prezidino.

IRM: As an artist, what has been the Internet’s greatest benefit to you?

ELP: The fact that you can reach people that live across the country or half a world away….with just a simple click of the mouse. It’s amazing.

IRM: If you could overcome a challenge that internet distribution or independent distribution presents, what would it be?

ELP: That I’m like everybody else. The good thing about internet distribution is that anybody, these days, can expose themselves to lots of people without major label support. The bad thing about internet distribution is that anybody can expose themselves to lots of people without major label support. So now, there’s almost no filter between what is good music and bad music – so everybody’s trying to expose themselves, and clearly the majority shouldn’t quit their day job. So now music consumers have to be that filter, with the little bit of time that they have. And with everybody (signed artist or unsigned artist) using the same tactics, there’s more of a chance a quality artist gets ignored because the music consumers is being bombarded.

IRM: There is a big difference between expressing the frustrations emanating from urban America and exemplifying them – that’s been the excuse of many Hip Hop artists for the explicit lyrics, the violence, and disrespect toward women – that this is “the real deal”. What do you say to these people?

ELP: That’s a freakin’ cop-out!! Plain and simple. Everybody goes through hard times, whether you lived in the inner city or the suburbs – it’s inevitable, it’s called LIFE. Now, I totally understand that some people’s lives are harder than others, but at the end of the day you still have a choice to be positive and to make something of yourself. You still have a choice! Some people choose to do the easy-wrong thing instead of the hard-right thing.

IRM: Are you working on any new music right now?

ELP: Yes sir. The full length album, which is the follow up to my EP “The Illness ” which was released last month.

IRM: Do you have any tour plans?

ELP: You know it!! Now, whether I actually “tour” or just do a series of shows is another thing. But my goal is to do at least 15 to 25 shows this summer. Hopefully I trump those figures BIG-TIME.

IRM: It seems Jay Z is an influence of yours, can you expand on that?

ELP: Yeah. After the Notorious B.I.G. died, Jay was the major next major influence to me – as far as hip-hop goes. I loved how he created an empire out of nothing, and nobody gave him a shot when we was first coming out. I think that he is one of the few hip-hop artist left that understand the skill of “story-telling”. His songwriting ability seems to get better over time, while other artist go backwards. That’s commendable.

IRM: Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans or potential fans about El Prezidino?

ELP: That they finally have a hip-hop artist that they can be proud of. And El Prezidino, hopefully, will be one of the few hip-hop artist left that still reminds you why you feel in love with music in the first place.

- Internet Radio Magazine


The Warning (EP) - 7.3.2007
Me or Nothing - 3.18.08
The Illness (EP) - 3.17.2009



One look at the Philadelphia born, Virginia raised El Prezidino, reveals a formidable Hip Hop artist. One listen to his album or live show reveals that he is in a league of his own; crushing the stereotypes of what a hip hop artist can be. El Prezidino, the hip-hop and songwriting virtuoso currently residing in the D.M.V. (Washington DC, Maryland, & Virginia), is poised to become the next artist to carve his own lane into national acclaim and notoriety. Backed by his diverse & eclectic band - M:O.R (Music Over Recognition), El Prezidino doesn’t look, sound, or act like an artist that is currently “under the radar”. With energetic live shows that are comparable to buzzworthy indie rock bands, and the ability to deliver a story reminiscent of great suspense novel writers, you can see why many music fans and hip-hop taste-makers in the Washington D.C. area are beginning to proclaim that El Prezidino is one of the “next” artists to watch.

El Prezidino’s highly anticipated promotional album ALMOST GENIUS ALMOST CRAZY, was released on June 1, 2010 (this digital album can be streamed and/or downloaded for free at http://music.prezidino.com). He is also in the process of recording his first full length album to follow up his 2009 debut EP. The Illness (EP), released in March of 2009, gave El Prezidino his first major accomplishment as a recording artist, landing at #3 on the CMJ Hip-Hop ADDS chart. During the 2009 spring season, this album was featured in numerous Top Ten Charts at college radio stations across the country….and Canada. The newest album, ALMOST GENIUS ALMOST CRAZY is beginning to receive rave reviews because of its fusion of hip-hop, rock, pop, and electronic music. Each song concept has been carefully crafted and is what signifcantly separates this project from the plethora of mixtapes out there. With songs like “2010 Whip Appeal” (an exotic ode to Babyface’s 1989 song Whip Appeal) over OutKast’s ‘Hollywood Divorce’, the politically charged “Burnt Water” over Muse’s ‘Sing for Absolution’, and the introspective “Mr. Misunderstood” over Common’s ‘Misunderstood’, it’s clear that the songwriting ability that El Prezidino displays on ALMOST GENIUS ALMOST CRAZY goes beyond the surface level writing of so many artists. The musical selection really has something that can connect with music fans of almost all genres. “I’ve always believed that music is the weapon of the future, and although it’s taken me about 3 years, I think I’m finally creating music that is in-line with that statement,” declares the 6’-4” recording artist. “Urban music consumers have shown within the past few years that they won’t just settle for the same old music that has no substance, music that isn’t saying anything, or it’s saying too much of the wrong thing. I feel like my music is laced with a lot of integrity, artistry, and passion……and its vital to me that music consumers realize that I won’t pervert that artistry for the sake of a buck.”

After years of developing his style, image, and enhancing his songwriting ability, El Prezidino formed 3FMG with his reconnected high school friend and music producer/designer Eliezer “the EARchitect” Lee, and music producer Tony “T-ONE” Galloway. The fusion of unique talent has led to El Prezidino being able to creatively push the boundaries of modern music. All three individuals are emphatic about ensuring 3FMG leaves its imprint on the world, not just the hearts and ears of music lovers. With this in mind, El Prezidino has long term goals of becoming a philanthropist, similar to the likes of Bono from U2, Russell Simmons, and Bill Gates. “If you’re not going to use your fame to change the world in a positive way, then you don’t deserve it,” El Prezidino admonishes. El Prezidino, aka Demetrius Doss, has always seemingly been around the spot light, as he was first known for his athletic skills as a wide receiver at Marshall University where he played alongside Chad Pennington and Byron Leftwich. While enrolled full-time as a student and playing major college football, El Prezidino’s passion for music was carried out while hosting a hip-hop radio show twice a week on WMUL-FM for nearly three years.

Deeply personal and passionate about his music without losing any mainstream appeal and entertainment value, El Prezidino is one of the next artist’s turning the D.M.V. into the new music industry hotbed of talent, ala New York, L.A., Atlanta, Houston, & Miami. With a variety of shows on the East Coast, from personal “Unplugged” sets to rousing fusions of rock and electronica, and a college tour in the works for fall/winter 2010, this year is shaping up as one to remember for this energetic hip-hop artist.