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elra ermay

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Elra's performances are always dynamic.There is always an element of surprise that leaves you longing for more.Her clarity of voice and stage presence are her strongest qualities.she loves to experiment with music and believes in giving her fans a great show every time! Website www.elraermay.com


Elra Ermay is a dynamic and fearless young lady who is charting her way towards the sweet sounds of musical success. Her latest CD Emotive, released earlier this year, is an eclectic labour of love that showcases her undeniable vocal skills and technique as she experiments with jazz, reggae, ballads and inspirational musical forms throughout the 11 tracks. Opportunities to showcase her music have already begun to present themselves. Her creole jazz number “E Quittez Mwen” left such an impression on some international judges that she was chosen to participate at the Francophonie games in Niger Africa, later this year.Yet another of her compositions “All They Need” has won her a finalist position in the Song of the Year contest. This versatile performer has a remarkable and creative journey as a promising singer and songwriter.

Born in Choiseul St.Lucia,Elra’s talent was evident from very early during her schoolgirl days at the Ave Maria Primary School when she won the Nicholas Frederick award for Best Chantwelle. The St. Lucia School of Music has recognized her unique vocal skill with several voice awards and in 1994 she was the winner of the first Christmas/New Year Song Contest. Elra’s crowning achievement happened in 1999 when she represented St. Lucia at the World Championships of Performing Arts in Los Angeles. She won first place in the original works category and placed second in the Broadway category and on the heels of this achievement, she produced her first CD in 2000 entitled Longing.

Also in 2000, Elra began her studies at the University of the West Indies where she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management Studies. Three years later she graduated with first class honours but even this academic success has not managed to woo her away from her first love—music. She has been a member of bands performing on the hotel circuit and the folk group Hewannorra Voices. Currently she is a member of Our Lady’s Choir and quite recently, was one of the finalists on Digicel’s Rising Stars: A pan Caribbean star search contest.

Not yet thirty, Elra Ermay represents the best of St. Lucia’s burgeoning young musical talent with her drive and passion for what she does. Emotive is a tangible symbol of her commitment to this passion for musical creativity and her courage to pursue that passion wherever it goes.


Safe Again

Written By: Elra Ermay

I want to feel safe again
I wish that things could be the way they were again
You've changed so much I can't pretend
Hard as I may try ther are some things I cannot mend

I want to see you smile again
I wish I had the power to take away take away all your pain
Each day the shadows come and go
an evil has engulfed us and our love doesn't show

I want to see the children grow
I wish the bitter side of life they would not know
What has happened to their innocence
I long for the day when their suffering ends

Don't you feel your brother's pain or are you too far away in your own world to even care
How can you cut yourself off from everything that's happening
Your brother lives in fear

I want to feel safe again
I wish that things could be the way they were again
What has happened to our humanity
What will man's destiny be

I'm here to stay

Written By: Elra Ermay

When I think about our past
Sometimes I thought that we won't last
Looking back at all those years
There were times of joy and times of tears
We've been through so much together
I vowed to love you forever
We'll make it through
I'll give my all to you

If there's a mountain
I'll clear the way
Though storm clouds threaten I' m here to stay
I'll prove my love to you
I'm here to stay

I need you here
Stay by my side
Being close to you
It's paradise

There may be times when our love will be put to the test
Baby you can lay all your fears to rest
Cause no one will ever lead me astray
You should know by now
I'm here to stay

What you feel

Written By: Elra Ermay

I know you make me feel like love is so so
I know you love me boy let it show
Why don't you want the world to know
Ou boy I'm just so tired of pretending
But I just cannot hide this feeling
You know I want you for my beau

Cause I am helpless in your arms
Amazed by all your simple charms is this real
Baby tell me what you feel
Is this real
Baby tell me what you feel

I know in love with you boy I am falling
For you alone I keep on longing
I hope you feel the way I do
Ou boy I need to know just what you're thinking
I don't know where I stand it's maddening
Why can't you tell me what you feel

Should I leave you behind are you playing with my mind
Is Mr. Right in you I'll find or am I wasting my time
Will you be around next year
Is it with me your life you'd share would you always be there to love and show me that you care
He says the way that he feels is that this is the real deal
I've got so much appeal
He'll always love me yes he will
Cause yeah I'm so clever
I'm his Cinderella
He will leave me never
I've got his heart forever


"EMOTIVE" (c)2005
1 What you feel
2 No turning back
3 Safe again
4 All they need
5 E Quittez mwen
6 Could you be
7 I'm here to stay
8 Thin ice
9 Tomorrow
10 Leaves a woman like me
11 Could you be (Remix)

"LONGING" (c)2000
1 Longing to hear
2 Deriere tout homme
3 Loving you comes naturally
4 Just call on him
5 I will sing

Set List

I have enough original material for 60 minutes
I perform a variety of music.It all depends on the occasion.The list below is just an example of the songs in my repertoire.

Original Material
What you feel
No turning back
Safe again
All they need
E quittez mwen
Could you be
I'm here to stay
Thin ice
Leaves a woman like me
Could you be (Remix)
Deriere tout homme
Loving you comes naturally
Just call on him
I will sing

Three little birds
Think twice
Red red wine
No no no
Do you really want to
Stir it up
Sweetest taboo
Do that to me
No woman no cry
It's a pity

Wind beneath my wings
Loving you
From this moment
Killing me softly
Get here
Power of love
Many other Celine Dion
Mariah and Whitney tunes

Hot hot hot