The Menace To Sobriety

The Menace To Sobriety

 Tampa, Florida, USA

Menace to Sobriety is an electronic music production team from Florida and are known for pushing the boundaries with their special blend of dance floor mayhem. They represent a new breed of audio/video artist with their unique blend of visual content mixed with custom edits and original tracks.



The Menace To Sobriety are on the loose and wrecking havoc to dance floors on a global scale!

Last known location: The Land Of Beats & Bass, Tampa, Florida.

Wanted for disturbing the peace with their unique blend of original tracks and visual content mixed with custom edits and VIP’s of the most banging tunes imaginable!

Suspects are to be approached with extreme caution! Without need for cause or warning spontaneous partying has been known to occur on more than one occasion!

Menace To Sobriety is not responsible for individual loss of sobriety or an individuals inability to contain oneself once under the influence of our sound!

You have been warned, I dare you to resist!


Myagi, Root Sellers, and Norma McGuire – Simmer – Menace To Sobriety remix (Westway Records)

The Analogeeks – I Guess You Know – Menace To Sobriety Remix (En:Vision Records)