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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Regressive Robot Rock at its best."

Ever wish that you could step into a room and hear some music that is at the same time new but familiar? Well El Rodeo is just that. From their first tune, "A Challenger Appears", the trio busts out into a wall of sound that would hardly suggest this is their first show. I'll admit that I was there to see another band (Highway), but I was blown away by these guys. They continued through their set with the dancy "I Smell The Devil" and followed up the solemn then heavy "Desert Song". They revved it back up with a hard rocking song called "Baby Love" which can only be described as the heaviest song about Batman ever. It came crashing it, left me waiting to breath it its stop/go chorus, and threw me back in my seat when it devolved into a swinging bass line and a blistering guitar outro. The boys switched the lineup with the bassist taking a turn on guitar and vocals and guitarist on bass with Kudzu City, showing their metal/prog stripes, and ended with "Into The Kudzu", an eight minute, three part story that shows off their comfort in just jamming. All in all it was a pleasant surprise. I love it when an opener catches me off guard and El Rodeo did just that. Don't let these guys slip through the fingers of the music industry and into "indie" obscurity.

-Aaron Winder - Atlanta Music Gazette


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Three friends from the same high school who are now in three different colleges get together when available outside of four jobs, three girlfriends, and a multitude of other hobbies to do what they love: play music. We take our influences from bands like Kyuss, The Strokes, 31knots, The Mars Volta, and even Franz Ferdinand. We've been playing together since July of 2007 and feel we're ready to bring our sound to the masses to see what they think. Regardless of their reaction, we'll play for a room of 300 moshing teens or a sitting party of ten as long as people want to hear what we have to put out.