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Elroy @ Knowlton River Fest 2004

Knowlton Township, New Jersey, USA

Knowlton Township, New Jersey, USA

Elroy @ Whiskey Bar

Hoboken, New Jersey, USA

Hoboken, New Jersey, USA

Elroy @ Continental

New York City, New York, USA

New York City, New York, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


 June 1st, 2004

 Elroy - The Whole Day

Elroy’s second EP for the Avatar label is here and despite being a little unknown band outside their home of New York they will soon be filling our radio waves in the same way as fellow New Yorkers The Strokes and Scissor Sistors have done. Not as stylish, not as relevant and lacking the retro cool. But thank the Lord our God for that. Their angst ridden alternative rock is easy on the earlobes and is bound to have major labels tripping over themselves to sign them. But does that make them any good, well, lets find out.

‘When You Say’, drops the Smiths and Big Country into the bag and shakes it nicely to form a kind of ‘Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before’ style number with a huge chorus and lyrics reminiscent of the great relationship writers. Its more soundtrack friendly then it should be but their not dressing it up as something it aint. Jesse La Monaca’s vocals are proficient yet the lyrics are clichéd but an endearment is their honesty and that’s nice for once. Keith Weiner’s guitar is melodic and the swirling lines leave the rhythm section sparring with each other for some recognition but it still seems like I have heard this one before, a million times or more.

What’s lacking in originality is made up for in energy and Elroy would be an interesting proposition live. ‘Convince’ with its rolling skin thumping is an example of this however but again the lyrics are a let down despite La Monaca’s strong vocal ability. ‘Raging Inside’ puts paid to this though and now we’re beginning to see a bit of light and shade. ‘Now you’ve gone and done it again, you have taken something good and sabotaged it, you crave the drama’. A stinging attack on love and its empty dream accompanied by some ballsy guitar. These guys are good when they let loose and they sound less middle of the road, less Cock Nickelback and more American Crowded house without the humour.

‘Wasting Away’ falls back into the style of the previous tracks and it frustrates as despite the obvious musical talent its too samey and one paced as an EP to showcase the band as serious artists. However as I said its easy on the ears and preferable to most of the mainstream alternative rock from America that we’re flooded with on these shores. Its just a pity this band are more Counting Crows than The Smiths because with the quirkiness displayed in ‘Raging Inside’ they have a whole lot more to offer than this. I wouldn’t judge them too quickly though as we are gonna here a lot more in the future from Elroy

Track listing-

01. When You Say
02. The Whole Day
03. Convince
04. Raging Inside
05. Wasting Away

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"ELROY"- 2002, 4 song EP
"The Whole Day"- 2004, 5 song EP


Feeling a bit camera shy


ELROY fuses melody, energy, poetry and honesty
into their own brand of alternative rock music.
Combining influences such as Radiohead, U2,
Powderfinger, Muse, Foo Fighters and The Cure;
ELROY's songs are catchy and full of emotion and fire.
Driving beats and dynamic riffs intertwine with
powerful, soaring vocals to create the unique sound of ELROY.