Elsa Marie Lankford

Elsa Marie Lankford


My electronic/synth music is very visual in nature, reminiscent of Danny Elfman's compositions, which works well with visual media. While my acoustic music (guitar/piano) remains in the progressive/folk genre, my electronic music crosses genre boundaries.


My inspiration for music is dependent on the type of music I am creating. Electronic music is typically starts with an idea or a visual image, still or moving. I look for narratives in my work, I believe that not only is my music visual, but that it tells a story.

My acoustic music is more emotional, and my songwriting is based on these emotions and characters from whose viewpoint I am telling the story. Natalie Merchant and Suzanne Vega, among others, are my influences.

I am a professor, artist (sound, photography, writing, and composer, who has rediscovered her creativity after several years of very dull, boring, but unfortunately better-paying work.