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The best kept secret in music


"The Love Freedom Movement - Okay Player Review"

" It may be a bold move to call your own music “revolutionary”, especially at this point in hip-hop’s history where artists and fans are battling to find something authentic. One does not have to look far on “The Love Freedom Movement”, for not only is it revolutionary by today’s standards, but also celebratory.

What I find satisfying about the songs on this CD is that they look into themselves to find answers for what they face in this world, trying to confront the reality of living in the light by shining a light back in the eyes meant to blind. In other words, this isn’t about shooting bitches up for crack and endless bank and partying in the club afterwards, but rather trying to find solutions in a world where one can’t help but question everything. That’s the lyrical tone throughout the album, with Scholar’s beats and productions being the glue to the stories and lessons on here.

Production-wise, Scholar is heavily influenced by the sounds of the early and mid-90’s, but refines it, polishes it a bit, and (dare I say) improves on the formula. He ends up creating sounds that are not only pounding and booming at the right moments, but are also quite musical. I’m someone who also likes appropriate samples which can compliment the lyrics, and that can be heard in “You Were There”, “Time Has Come”, and “What’s Going On”.

TrueBless’ confidence on the mic works perfectly with the beats, he doesn’t come off arrogant or cocky, nor is he lightweight. What I liked about his flows is that he changes up each time, not unlike Gift Of Gab, Mos Def, or Raashan Ahmad. There’s a sense of spirit in what he does, one which fans will want to stay close to.

The Love Freedom Movement isn’t afraid to discuss the good and bad about the world in which we live in, and thus fans should not be afraid to embrace these two gentlemen who turn modern day paranoia into a mission for unity and sanity."

– John Book -


The Love Freedom Movement - 2006 (Scholar - lyrics/production & TrueBLESS - lyrics)

Producer's Testament - 2005 (Scholar - lyrics/production)

Mixtape of Mass Destruction - 2003 (Scholar - lyrics & TrueBLESS - lyrics ft various artists)

Elements of Fire - 2003 (Scholar - lyrics/production & TrueBLESS - lyrics ft various artisits


Feeling a bit camera shy


At a time where a lot of hip-hop and rap music consists of negative images of violence, drugs and offensive descriptions of women, witness the birth of a new genre of music that is committed to one word - change.

This genre is 'Revolutionary Hip-Hop' – a term created by Else Where? Entertainment’s (also known as EWE) owner Scholar – this is a genre that was really created by many artists throughout the history of the music but was never given the title. Simply, hip-hop music where the only mission is to bring about social, economic, spiritual and political change to all people, no matter race, creed or color. Might sound like an employment application, but it’s the truth. It’s the genre title that should be printed beside any Public Enemy, KRS One, Poor Righteous Teacher, Dead Prez, Immortal Technique, Talib Kweli, Mos Def or Common album. Easily stated - not your average hip-hop.