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Winter Haven, Florida, United States

Winter Haven, Florida, United States
Band Pop Latin


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Oh Sexy Girl - Elsha

Elsha has been involved with 150 performances touring with Platinum artists like Pretty Ricky, Trick Daddy, and Spanish Tropical music duo Extreme. January 2008, Elsha received a few phone calls from Atlantic Records and Asylum Records expressing their interest in his music. He is currently independent searching for the most beneficial opportunity in his career.Today “Oh Sexy Girl” is in the hands of numerous DJs who are playing the record regionally.
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10 Responses to “Oh Sexy Girl - Elsha”
Alexisandria Says:
June 23rd, 2009 at 7:35 pm
I love this song!! This dude is soo fine!

Elsha Baby Says:
June 23rd, 2009 at 7:38 pm
yooooooo awwwwww man thanks for the love 98.7 its a good look ya digggg!!
hope the fans make my song #1 lol
check out my page for show info press, and of course more music!!!!

baby girl Says:
June 23rd, 2009 at 10:20 pm
hey this great hit cant wait to hear it on the radio something different with style and i love the music its verry hot good job….

June 28th, 2009 at 5:09 pm

Mr. Infamous Says:
July 1st, 2009 at 5:14 pm
Yo this song is Crazy hot!!! Elsha is the next to blow man Im telling you. This song just has to be on the radio, its a Garunteed number 1

yakira Says:
July 1st, 2009 at 5:42 pm
I love elsha baby!!!!

sasha Says:
July 1st, 2009 at 5:43 pm
sexy latin man love what he is doing ummm mmmmuahhhhhh i got you pah

nonstoppromtions Says:
July 1st, 2009 at 5:45 pm
hot record…..
I must admit….
making moves in orlando

nonstoppromtions Says:
July 9th, 2009 at 10:55 pm
hot artist out fla

nonstoppromtions Says:
July 9th, 2009 at 10:55 pm
demand elsha in your city….
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"Elsha has an incredible talent of expression"

Elsha Album Review

Any belief system has to be challenged. We have to be confronted with the harsh reality that our opinions don’t breed fact. Recently Elsha released Process of Elimination (L.O.R. Entertainment), which challenges a lot more than the average listener would think. This applies to the church and the culture.

I had high expectations when I had heard of this new artist. Elsha seems like a dope name and the title of the album tugged at my curiosity. Then I unknowingly committed the cardinal sin of judging an album by its cover. I thought that I had the album figured out before I even popped it in my CD player. 10 minutes into listening I got into defense mode like a theologian defending his doctrine. Let me further explain.

I am born and bread as a Rochestarian (that’s Rochester, Upstate NY). In New York there is a certain mentality of what hip-hop should be. In all honestly we look at any other form of hip-hop as an outcast family member, no pun intended. If we ignore it, we won't have to deal with any linear association. Well, on Thursday March 4th, 2004 my Pharisee-minded, hip-hop mentality was not only challenged, but also eventually converted. I found that there was a war between my beliefs and my taste. I was actually feeling a Dirty South Record. I liked what this kid was spitting, but as a New Yorker I wasn’t supposed to. Elsha has a certain direct approach to his style that can be appreciated at every level. Despite the production style, lyricism has no boundaries.

The album starts out with an INTRO track, which compliments the rest of the project. You’ll get the vibe that this is a very personal album. “My life, my story, my defintion” is the opening line. This track has a synthesized melodic feel with an overall smoothness to it. Elsha wastes no time in getting personal as he describes growing up and shares intimate details of struggles and pain. After 2 minutes we experience a more upbeat party-type joint. The hook is contagious. This is a stronger song on the album, very well produced, laid out and mixed. We get the impression that L.O.R. places an importance on quality. This is seen in the product and the content. Quality lyrics are displayed on the track “I’m Like.” Each bar in the first verse begins with the statement “I’m Like” then goes on to finish the sentence. I'm feelin' it.

I would have to say that the album’s zenith is a joint called “Follow Me.” This is a slower song with a thick and intense theme. It’s a song about crossing the threshold of death into eternity. I don’t like to compare artists but I cant help but mention a Tupacish theme. His style is confronting. He starts the song almost whispering and ends with an all out delivery. Even the hook is more intense towards the end. “Are you really, really ready to fly? Spread you wings out and get ready to fly, just follow me.” This track goes beyond the normal format and established method of song writing. I love the progression from soft and hard to heavy and intense. During the climax of this song, whatever emotions Elsha was feeling, he brings that world to the listener. It’s raw flavor.

One thing about this album, which sticks out in my mind, is versatility. No two tracks are alike. This makes it very difficult to summarize the album, or describe it in a few words. One sentence cannot do the album justice. Keeping with the personal theme he speaks on subjects of love, sin, passion, poverty, spirituality and much more. A gem in the midst of this variety is “Ashes to Ashes.” This is a spoken word interlude, which touches the listener. Elsha has an incredible talent of expression emotion and exposing his heart. The poem expresses emotion stemmed from persecution for beliefs and appeals to your common sense. “We should change the name of U.S.A. to Murder ‘R Us, cuz uh, 150,000 abortions a day in my state and its approved by us.” I haven’t appreciated a spoken word poem on an album in a while. This was very nicely done.

Sticking with variety I will say this. This project in itself will bring variety to your overall collection. My inventory is mainly east coast gritty and gutter. I am glad that I enjoyed something outside of my preferred genre. To the hip hop purist; I speak to you as a convert. Get some variety in your collection and start with Elsha. He exposed his heart and in doing so, will relate to any emotion you harbor. He is extremely talented in relating, then reaching out to the listener. His struggle is appreciated, but can only be done by fans copping the album. Get converted.
source: http://www.imagiin360.com/news.asp?action=detail&article=108, added: Feb 01, 2006
- www.imagiin360.com

"Elsha is a triple threat!!"

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Process Of Elimination 2004 5,000 sold indie
Worst Case Senario Mixtape 2006 2,500 downloads
Im Certified Mixtape 10,000 download
Perfect Timing album coming 2009
Ohh sexy girl currently on Itunes



Making it in the music industry is not easy. It takes more than just good lyrics, a hot beat, and “the look”. What really makes an artist successful is their ambition, motivation and persistence. This is what pushes an aspiring artist to become a platinum selling phenomenon. When all the odds are against you, when rejection continuously slaps you in the face, and when all you see around you is failure, will you give up?
For the singer, songwriter, rapper “Elsha” that answer is and has always been, never! Born Shael Torres, this 24 year old native of Lawrence, Mass. knows what it’s like to conquer many of life’s most difficult struggles. As the brother of one of New England’s most infamous kingpins, Elsha witnessed first hand the consequences of the drug game. He vowed to his incarcerated brother to achieve success another way.

“I used to be on the block with my boys rappin Mobb Deep and Method Man lyrics.” Elsha smiles as he remembers of his early years. But it wasn’t until he moved to Florida at the age of 15 and he started singing in church that he developed a true love for many different genres of music. At the birth of his son, Elsha became focused and linked up with several different producers who worked on Trina’s and Trick Daddy’s albums. It was Bigg Baby who encouraged Elsha to pursue different styles of hip hop. “He showed me that a song was more than an ill verse but it was more about the hook and a hot beat.”

With that advice, Elsha released his debut independent album, Process of El-imination in 2003. This album featured mostly hip hop records with some R&B tracks. Performances throughout Florida and Georgia grew his fan base and brought much success to the album. This motivated Elsha to continue his quest to become a musical phenomenon. But Elsha realized to do so he must evolve.

Growing up half Dominican and Puerto Rican, Elsha was surrounded by Latin music and culture. In the song “Eres Bella” Elsha goes back to that Latin music and sings a Spanish Ballad of a beautiful woman. He has also recorded some Reggaeton tracks that will be featured on his next album. “I am always trying to do something new. I listen to and like many different types of music and I have even written and recorded a rock song. I want to show the world what I am capable of!” declares the excited musician.
Using his culture, his experiences, and his love of all types of music, Elsha is generating a new sound in the music industry. A combination of Latin, Hip Hop, R&B, and Pop, his sound reaches an audience of many tastes as is noted by his diverse fan base. His latest single, “Ohh Sexy Girl” is a combination of Hip Hop, and Pop that is heating up the Central Florida club scene and is scheduled to hit the airways soon.

When asked what the future holds for Elsha, he responds with a wide grin, “Success, the majors are calling now!!!”