El Son Del Indio

El Son Del Indio



The new band ‘El Son del indio’ is the first solo project of charismatic singer Sixto Llorente - better known as ‘El Indio’ and definitely one of the best voices for Son Cubano today – a real Sonero!

Starting his career at Ayamén orquestra in his hometown Santa Clara, El Indio got famous being 12 years the lead singer of outstanding salsa band Manolito y su Trabuco.
Performing some of Manolito Simonet’s most famous compositions as ‘Marcando la distancia’ or ‘el Diablo colorao’ El Indio is already part of salsa history.

With the ‘Trabuco’ El Indio recorded 6 awarded albums and after sharing studio with some of Cuba’s most popular musicians for the legendary ‘La rumba soy yo’ record, he won a Grammy in 2001 in the category folkloric music.

The octet ‘El Son del Indio’ performs in a kind of ‘Sonora’ sound of the 1950’ies, with its characteristic line up: piano, timbales, conga, bongo, bass, and trombone and Trumpets as brass.

All Cuban rhythms are presented with taste and passion: Son, Rumba, ChaChaCha, Afro or Boleros.

With an impressing and dynamic stage show and the powerful voice of Sixto Llorente, ‘El Son del Indio’ is best Son Cubano, timeless and highly danceable.

El Son del Indio – Cuban music to enjoy!

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