El Soprano

El Soprano

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Max Musick's new young superstar artist.. El Soprano can do it all - rap ,sing and dance. He is a total entertainment package. You will not be dissapointed -- check his new single out " La Pinta" . The official website is MAXMUSICK.COM -- read all about us and join our fan club.


Julio Javier Marcano Britos You may not know him by his government name, but you will soon come to know him as EL SOPRANO. On September 23, 1991, in the town of Pantoja, Santo Domingo, El Soprano was born. He discovered his talent as soon as he was able to speak his first words.

As a young MC, he developed a style that was heavily influenced by his musical icons Vico C and TEMPO. His biggest influence was the one of the mainstays of reggaeton, Daddy Yankee. However, he is also an avid hip-hop fan. Trying to channel the flows of some of rap’s greatest MCs of our era, such as Jay-Z, Tupac and Biggie, he bridges all these different sounds and personalities to create his own flow. It will undoubtedly define him and leave an imprint in the history books of music.

Soprano’s talent led to major growth in his reputation. He worked with Omega as well as Pacheman, two established artists on the Spanish airwaves. But Soprano was too bright of a star to be confined to just radio; his presence has already spread into television. To date he has appeared in various Dominican primetime shows such as Dominicana, Sabado del Corporan, Sabado Chicito, Topi Topi con Jackna and El Reto Cemenal. Although he is only 16, this rising star is already a revered name among his Dominican peers as well as the truly talented recording artists he’s recorded with thus far.

Known for his various flows over melodic beats or fast sounds, it’s really Soprano’s controversial lyrics that catch everyone’s attention. However, as an overall entertainer his talent supersedes all others. Soprano is a triple threat, with not only incomparable rhyming skills, but an innate dancing and singing ability. Since 2005, he has been under the tutelage of the talent found at record labels Max Musick© and Blue Blood. Soon you will come to listen to, know, and love Soprano’s flow and he is sure to become a household name.


La Pinta, Loco Loco