Eaton Lake Tonics

Eaton Lake Tonics


Paper Scissors Rock. Pop. American. Creepy melodies, loud and full tones. If you like beer, you'll like this.


Formed 2004. Extremely prolific and active. Effective, efficient and self-contained rock and roll unit. Proud owners of awards and house pets.

We like: Elvis Costello, MC Paul Barman, Deltron 3030, Centro-matic, Beefheart, Spoon, Guided By Voices, Big Star


Bernadina CDLP
Peg Legs and Merry-A's CDEP
Long Arm Days CDLP
Vicodina CDLP
Rancho Folly IV CDLP

shit streams at: and myspc/numericpiglatin
radio play: at 88.7FM and 91.7FM and online

Set List

Song titles sound like this:
John Fogerty
Business Gets Bad
Running Totals
No One Hates You, Jenny
Singers of the Size
How Could We Be So Careful
We Might Have to Try
As Soon As You Ask Yourself
Jesus Used To Sing The Blues
The Cult of The Virgin
I Kicked the Pieces Out Into The Ocean
Monty and Lettie
In Charm's Way
I Miss A Nun
What'd I Say
New Lord Byron

We rarely do covers, but when we have we've done Pavement, GBV, Elvis Costello, Pixies, other local bands