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Orlando, Florida, United States | INDIE

Orlando, Florida, United States | INDIE
Band Latin


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos






HE HAVE 5 CD'S, THE LAST ONE "YO SOY QUIEN SOY" And you can listen at radio stations the song NO TE VAYAS.



El Tigre Lupercio

Servando Lupercio; “El Tigre Lupercio”, was born on February 17, 1958 in a place called “El rancho La Providencia”; Municipality of Tepatitlan, Estado de Jalisco, Mexico. His parents were humble and hard workers with a family of ten siblings.

Because “Little Servando” needed to help his parents when he was a kid, he worked and was only able to finished the sixth grade. In 1977; when he was sixteen years old, Lupercio decided to try his luck in United States. He crossed the border and came to Winter Garden, Florida. Now, “Big Servando” worked as a farmer, picking up oranges, tomatoes, peppers, etc. He married for the first time and had three children, later he got separated from his first wife.

In 1983, Lupercio started working at Walt Disney World in one of its cafeteria. Later, he is moved as a bus-boy at the Mexican restaurant in EPCOT. Here is where he found his passion for food and music. He meets and developed a great friendship with “Mariachis”. Since he was little, Servando has loved Mariachi and rancheras music. Then he had the opportunity to sing with this group. At this time; he started to be known as “El Tigre” and then he meet his actual wife. They have been marriage for twenty years and have two kids.

El Tigre never has taken it easy; he has always been energetic and willing to work. During the week ends, he sold tacos in a near fleet market. He called his little establishment “Taquito Jalisco”. It seems that it was good, because in 1993 Lupercio opened his own Mexican Restaurant with the same name. Today is one of the best and well recognized Mexican restaurants in the Central Florida Metropolitan area.

Despite the success with the restaurant, he did not stop there. He was not fulfilled yet. El Tigre started to sing for his clients. As he took the music more serious, he was invited to Hispanic and patriotic Mexican festivals, concerts, schools, TV shows and others. This was growing, also progressing more his love and dedication to the music. In 1999, he recorded his first album with twelve songs, Four of the songs are originals and one; “Comprendeme Mujer” is the title name for his master piece.

At the end of 2002, Lupercio opened his own record company, “TL RECORDS”. He made his second album production “Jalisciense de Corazon”, in honor of his natal home. Both music and food are two great charms, in 2003; he opened his second restaurant “Taquito Jalisco- Metrowest”, in an upscale neighborhood in Orlando, Florida.

Now with many musical hits, El Tigre is exploring new music style as “La Musica de Banda”. In his third production; “Acabo de Enterarme”, he combined both styles Mariachi & Banda, with his own inspirational arrangements and songs. May 2005, he continued working with a great hart and passion. He made his fourth record production “Con el Agua hasta el Pescuezo”, original song. This song is mostly dedicated to the immigrant community in this country. Again, this production has a combination of both musical styles. In 2006, it released his fifth production” Yo soy Quien Soy” with a popular bonus track ”You Raise me Up”.

Actually El Tigre tours in concerts in Mexico, United States, South & Central America and also other countries where he is invited. In September 2006, he went to Barcelona- Spain for the Festival Del Mariachi and February 14, 2007, he performed in a concert in Guatemala. He has received various awards from Mexico and United States for his accomplishments as an excellent entrepreneur, as well as a musician. Also he has been recognized for his philanthropy work for the needed, immigrants and other causes. Servando Lupercio: “El Tigre” great history about a successful immigrant you came to United States looking for the big American dream can be read in various publications, magazines and the internet. On these, read about El Tigre’s big passions Music and Mexican food. Please check out the web site www.eltigrelupercio.com.