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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Because Of Terrible Tiger [PRESSCUTS]"

[…] Post – punk and stop & go’s blend, rhythm and tempo variations, puce melodies, noise climbs,
visionary arrangements, make their music kinematically picaresque. Mark: 7

::: Dionisio Capuano ::: BLOW UP ::: January 2008

[…] “Because of Terrible Tiger” is a perpetual surprise and a firm confirmation which goes from punk
sounds to post-rock experiments. True creativity. How nice! Mark: 7

::: BEAT MAGAZINE ::: January 2008

[…]“Because of Terrible Tiger” is a 'right as rain' album, which I suggest to everyone loves total rock and
appreciates sophisticate sounds, since the LP needs several listening before drawing on all its shades.

::: Moreno Lissoni ::: SLAM! ::: January 2008

[…] It looks like the trio wants to wrong foot the listeners, but with no foolish ambitions that would take to
needless risks. The difference stays on essaying without going too far from the Rock’N’Roll composition’s
approach.[…] This record would gift you true insanity splinters as "100.000", "Spare me" or the
outstanding"La montagnola". To buy!!! Mark: 4.5/5

::: Floriano Liguoro ::: ROCKAMBULA ::: December 2007

[…] A rich and dazing plot. An adult band which seems not able to stop growing, searching, improving.
Mark: 7.2/10

::: Stefano Solventi ::: SENTIREASCOLTARE December 2007

[…] For the Tuscany trio a confirm which carry with themselves the best wish of a larger success.

::: Marcello Berlich ::: LOSINGTODAY ::: November 2007

[…] The Eltons are a priority to everyone loves new rock styles, also extremely funny among all. Mark:7

::: Flavio Ignelzi ::: SILENT SCREAM ::: November 2007

[…] With “Because Of Terrible Tiger” we enter in a dream state and we get out confused but happy to have
experienced it.

::: METALWAVE ::: October 2007 - Italian Mags & Webzines

"Piss On A Dead Tree And Watch It Grows [PRESSCUTS]"

[…] Every tracks seems to contain multiple genre rips and even more sounds memories that blend one each
others, as a patchwork dress which embodied a charming entity especially because lopsided, unclassifiable
and deeply experimental.

::: Fred ::: BENZOWORLD ::: November 2004

[…] Elton Junk got the big worth to redo (in the largest possible meaning) the post-punk epic, early than
NY project such as Interpol and Liars.

::: Salvatore Patti ::: MUSICBOOM

[…] The Eltons tear the rock to shred at breakfast. And they have no digestion disturb. They do with rock
whatever they want and they transform it into noise, melody and both together.

::: Alessandro Gentili ::: KATHODIK ::: November 2004

If the previous work have shocked us for the scheme intolerance, well-defined instructions and the crosscontamination
taste, now we are in front of a likewise remarkable operation. […] Although it is much more
“post”marked, much more gloomy and elaborated and it does not leave space to a simply entertainment,
on the contrary it flings itself into hypnotic races, violent psychedelic thunders, moving melodies that never

::: Nicola Bonardi ::: ROCKIT ::: May 2004 - Italian Mags & Webzines


Moods - Elton Junk's LP - is one of the best rock work of the last years. An award to an album which is frankly
beyond expectation and estimation. A light LP that makes you think. A royal album that makes you act and
love. […]
::: Eugenio Nesci ::: PASSIONE ALTERNATIVA ::: November 2004

What this band means you can understand it just at the end of the album. When you have collected
tensions, darknesses, little threats on a dysfunctional rock plot which appear at the end - or at the surface -
organizational ‘usual’.

::: Dionisio Capuano ::: BLOW UP ::: n.66, November 2003

Knock at the door of an unknown but precious and unexpected careful neighbourhood. Sooner or later
someone will open and it would not be (and it can not be) just a glimmer. Question of force, of eradicated
convictions, vivid and flagrant intuitions, never free of charge rather organic to the throbbing heart of their

::: Stefano Solventi ::: SENTIREASCOLTARE ::: 2003

It is not easy to say how composite, schizophrenic, dreamy and impulsive is the Elton Junk sound aspect
and how it is able to appear equally homogeneous. An untouchable and ripe fruit. […]
::: Stefano Solventi ::: WONDEROUS STORIES ::: July 2002
It is extremely complex to perceive the substratum where this band have live on to arrive at this musical
concept, first mental then instrumental. The Elton Junk universe: a parallel world dress of highly moody and
evanescent music, where we end to be pushed on a sensational research, beyond rational scheme. […]

::: Alessandro Grassi ::: I -D BOX ::: May 2002

[…] What makes this band different is the conceptual attitude (and sometimes musically too) which is
violent and aggressive, only on rare cases devoted to decompression which many bands propose.

::: Donato Zoppo ::: MOVIMENTI PROG ::: 2002

Wrong-footing and genial from their name, Elton Junk love to play with pop “mood”, giving birth to outand-
out pearls of indie taste, without fearing to be judged too gross or too sophisticated. […]

::: Nicola Bonardi ::: ROCKIT ::: December 2001 - Italian Mags & Webzines


Because Of Terrible Tiger - LP - FOREARS 2008
Piss On A Dead Tree And Watch It Grows - EP - ANOMOLO 2005
Moods - LP - Sottosopra 2003



Elton Junk are coming from a near planet. Jumped on an asteroid, they are now touring the Earth for an undefined time.
During these period, they have encountered some aliens scouts, which have allowed them to produce and perform some sounds for the local audience.
Now they are waiting for the next teleport, maybe near your little apartment, or in a big stadium.
So ten years have passed for earthlings, but, for them, the adventure has just begun.
In the meantime their rather organized sounds came to be the soundtrack for people pretending to be other people, and sometimes they have performed their sounds in unconventional suits.
Next time you hear about Elton Junk coming to your neighborhood, don't miss the chance to witness the explosion.