We want to make music that people can head bang to and something that is not just catchy, but also musically interesting, creative and different! All we want is to keep making rocking tunes and to make something musically dynamic and heavy!


Our band only consists of two members. The reason we are doing things in a more isolated fashion rather than having a traditional band is because we find it a lot easier to write and record music this way. Personally we find it a lot easier to express our ideas and recording seems to be a lot more efficient with fewer members. When we play live we will seek out musicians that are available for what we need because that is going to be much easier than relying on multiple people and trying to juggle a handful of work schedules. I think that is one of the main keys that sets us apart from most bands, as well as our sound! We are going for a very heavy, dark and creative sound. We like writing to what the song needs opposed to how technical it is, but we still try to keep it creative and different. Usually we will start with a guitar riff and find a melody that we can both agree on. Then we add the drums and create a rhythm section that is very different, yet still compliments the guitar. From there we just keep building and layering instruments on top of the first section we created. We are very influenced by bands such as Whitechapel, The Acacia Strain, Emmure, Meshuggah, Molotov Solution and Vincent loves Marilyn Manson. We are also planning on using more effects in the future to add an industrial rock element to our music, but still keep it metal. Other than that we will keep recording rocking tunes and see where it takes us!


Pieces of You

Written By: Elusis

"You follow them

To your grave cause it's inevitable
You lack the self respect
To take off that uniform,
No one cares about your fucking cause
I like watching you dig your own grave
Comfort in whoredom
Now I'll bury you in your own filth
Let's see you fucking talk then

I want to see your face when the time has come
And I'll drink the remains
Every piece of you will be spilled and rotting
And I'll breathe in the mess

You're a feeble fuck
I know that you'll crumble
You'll take no chances
Hide under the boot of the world
Cause it's the only thing you will ever do
You're just a piece of what you never will be
So you should thank me

I hope your kind goes extinct
I'd choke on my own blood
Just to see you fall

I hope your kind goes extinct
I'd slit my own two wrists
Just to see you fall

You're the reason I don't associate with scum
I've watched you sulk around like a little bitch

You're the reason I don't associate with scum
I promise you
You'll regret everything

You're the reason I don't associate with scum
I know that you will always be
Empty as a mannequin

You're the reason I don't associate with scum
You're everything I hate
About the human race"