El Viento Flamenco

El Viento Flamenco


El Viento Flamenco contributes to the evolution of contemporary flamenco with its own unique and distinctive voice. The musicians draw from various traditions, and the dancers follow the raw, earthy "Gypsy" style, including spontaneous interaction with the musicians. A very exciting, dynamic show.


Spanish Music and Dance from the Shores of Atlantic Canada

Winners of 2007 East Coast Music Award (ECMA): Best Roots/Traditional Group Recording

Flamenco is the traditional music and dance of the gypsies (Roma) of Southern Spain. It has developed over the last 250 years, with influences from various cultures, including Latin American and Middle-Eastern. Today, the vast spectrum of Flamenco styles is kept alive and vibrant by artists of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds in Spain and around the world.

El Viento Flamenco brings its own, very distinct voice to the art form. With a singer and guitarist who hail from rock and roll, a percussionist who is involved in everything from Newfoundland folk to African drumming and Punk rock, and dancers who have grown up and lived in places as varied as Turkey, France, Spain and Canada, El Viento Flamenco stands subtly but resolutely outside of flamenco tradition. The dancers of the group take inspiration from the more raw, primitive "Gypsy" style of such stars as Angelita Vargas, Concha Vargas, and Juana Amaya in Spain, or Carmen Romero in Canada. One of the characteristics of this style is to dance solo (as opposed to group choreographies in the balletic style). Dancing solo gives the dancer the freedom to improvise and to enjoy the exhilaration of the spontaneous interaction with the musicians.

Sean's "voz clara" is perhaps the most defining element of El Viento Flamenco's sound. With years of performing gospel, blues, and rock, he has developed a unique style and clear timbre, which sets El Viento Flamenco apart from other flamenco troupes around the world. The group also benefits from Maral's background in Armenian folk and Turkish pop tunes and Megan's background in Nova Scotian folk music. Together, the singers provide the inspiration for the powerful and elegant simplicity of the dancing: both the singers and dancers are sustained by the crisp, aggressive sound of Bob's guitar. Tony, with his influences of Celtic, Middle-Eastern, African and Rock drumming, adds the final touch to El Viento Flamenco's singular sound. The genuine expression of each artist's individuality is of prime importance: in this way, El Viento Flamenco is fiercely authentic.

In the last five years they have toured extensively throughout Atlantic Canada, including all the Atlantic Presenters in the Maritimes and the Arts and Culture Centres in Newfoundland and Labrador, they have performed at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, they have made several regional and national appearances on CBC radio and television, they have performed at Government House for the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, they have had their music arranged for orchestra in preparation for two concerts with Symphony Nova Scotia, and they have been featured in a half-hour documentary on Bravo Television.


El Viento Flamenco (2002)

El Viento Flamenco in concert (2006)
Our radio airplay has begun and is increasing through broadcast on shows such as Atlantic Airwaves (who recorded our CD) and Global Village on CBC Stereo Two.

Set List

Set One 40-45 min.



Set Two 35-40 min

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