Elvis On Speed

Elvis On Speed


Rock and Roll is the only thing on the menu Tonight! Scorchin' guitar, Slammin' Drums, and Boogie Bass. Nothing could possibly rock any more than that.....Exept a Killer Moustache.


Elvis and Speed go good together but not as good as the members of ELVIS ON SPEED. The three members Billy, Chris and Shawn play rock n roll the way it should be played. A dash of boogie woogie, a pinch of southern spice, and a Texas helping of high energy.

Ripping through the Red River District in Austin, TX like a Hot knife through butter. ELVIS ON SPEED can be seen playing with national and regional acts at quality venues like Emo’s, Lazona Rosa, Texas Roller Derby, Red Eyed Fly, Hole in the Wall, Beerland, Headhunters, Club 710, and many more.

ELVIS ON SPEED is ready to take over the rest of the world with some great music and in your face ROCK AND ROLL!

There Debut Album put out on Killa Dilla Records in October 2006. Elvis On Speed it ready to Conqure the Planet with one goal......Bring The Rock!!!


Elvis On Speed Debut Self Titled Album (Killa Dilla Records 2006)

Set List

Set is normally about a Hour to Hour 1/2, we're flexible.

Stacked Deck
Dealin' With the Devil
That's That
Screw Loose
In the Back
Cornfed Fred
Ice Cold
Off the Road
Tear It Up
Saturday Nite (Party Cuz It's)
Goodtime Baby
All the Way
I Was Rock & Roll (When Rock & Roll Wasn't Cool)