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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Elvis On Speed: Greasy R'n'R from Austin, Texas!"

They say everything is bigger in the Lonestar state, well, the fat riffs of the new awesome rock’n’roll combo don’t come any bigger! Raised on beer, barbecues, fast women and southern boogie hardrock, Elvis On Speed unashamedly celebrates virtues of badass 70s rock’n’roll, yet they make it sounds extremely fresh and vital to modern ears. The Austin trio was kind enough to send me their brilliant debut album (reviewed in # 39), and guitarist Billy Leger Jr. offered some insightful answers to what the rock beast Elvis On Speed is all about. Other members include bassist Chris Gillis and new drummer Shawn Alvear.

Jens Kofoed-Pihl
Motörhead addict and psychotronic film lover.
jens@lowcut.dk - Lowcut Magazine (Denmark) #40

"A Man Called Hell"

"Next up is Elvis On Speed. A greasy Southern Rock-stravaganza that is sure to make your ears ring and feet tap. How much do I dig these guys? Well, Apparently E.O.S. is the band that prompted me to get onto the bar of Trophy's and bleed profusely from my head during my now legendary drunken brawl with a ceiling fan. Yes, they're really that good. Think Skynyrd's finest hour with the hottest guitar licks of the past thirty years woven throughout and you've scratched the surface of this juggernaut trio. Shades of ZZ Top, Mountain, AC/DC, and countless other classic rock bands can be found throughout Elvis On Speed's set, and yet they somehow manage to sound totally fresh and new. Mark my words, front man Billy Leger is destined to become a household name in the realm of local guitar heroes."

-by Victor Hell - Whoopsy Magazine

"Elvis On Speed CD Review"

”You say cliché, I say classic” goes the line in an old Supersuckers song, well, this Austin trio sure cook up some classic boogie rock’n’roll and spice up the clichés into a tasty dish of unashamed roughneck rockin’. The 70s never sounding this good, you know back when Jim Dandy was the southern rock king, pinball machines was still the craze, KISS was still unmasked, noone had heard of AIDS, and Aerosmith actually kicked ass. Yet Elvis On Speed sounds extremely fresh and serious as a heart attack. This sublime 10 track r’n’r statement is a must for any hotblooded rockfan. Should be released on an 8 track, haha. Stay tuned for an Elvis On Speed interview in Lowcut # 40. ”I WAS ROCK’N’ROLL WHEN ROCK’N’ROLL WASN’T COOL, MAN!”


If you dig: AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ted Nugent

Jens - Lowcut Magazine (Denmark) #39


Elvis On Speed Debut Self Titled Album (Killa Dilla Records 2006)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Elvis and Speed go good together but not as good as the members of ELVIS ON SPEED. The three members Billy, Chris and Shawn play rock n roll the way it should be played. A dash of boogie woogie, a pinch of southern spice, and a Texas helping of high energy.

Ripping through the Red River District in Austin, TX like a Hot knife through butter. ELVIS ON SPEED can be seen playing with national and regional acts at quality venues like Emo’s, Lazona Rosa, Texas Roller Derby, Red Eyed Fly, Hole in the Wall, Beerland, Headhunters, Club 710, and many more.

ELVIS ON SPEED is ready to take over the rest of the world with some great music and in your face ROCK AND ROLL!

There Debut Album put out on Killa Dilla Records in October 2006. Elvis On Speed it ready to Conqure the Planet with one goal......Bring The Rock!!!