Elyse is a beautifully vibrant singer with a voice like an angel and the power to shake the rafters. Her voice is a combination of the greatest divas new and old to date. Her sound is a mix of pop, R&B, soul, country and little rock. She has such passion in her sound and she sings from the heart.


Many people have stopped buying albums because every song sounds the same, every artist sounds like a carbon copy, every radio station plays the same music--Elyse is not one of those artists. She has a sound unique to others. There is true talent in her sound and a style all her own. She tries to blend together the sounds of old with the sounds of new while bringing the music to life. Elyse is influenced by all music -- from pop to opera to jazz to punk to hip hop to rock. Elyse started singing in church and would push the envelope of sounds in a very conservative Catholic parish letting everyone know that she had a message and a sound that needed to be heard. Elyse went to school to study music and voice and was trained classically but her true style shined in the soul and R&B sound. Elyse is a powerhouse vocalist with an amazing range, great versatility, outrageous breath control and soft tones that can give you goosebumps. She strives to keep passion and heart in music. She enjoys singing and every time she opens her mouth the audience knows she has talent. Elyse was given a gift and just wants the world to hear it. Elyse's greatest influences are Aretha, Whitney, Mariah, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Donna Summer, Martina Mc Bride, Faith Hill, the list can go on. Elyse is the type of artist that will leave you wanting more. She will have you eating out of the palm of her hand. Elyse is a star not afraid of pushing the boundaries and is never limited to one sound.


Callin' All Girlz, Remember, Won't Last Long, Let Me Go
These songs are played in LI clubs and on online radio pod casts. These songs were featured on public asscess music television shows such as NuZone Music and Talent Showcase. Elyse was one of 64 finalists Nationwide for CMT's Music City Madness. Elyse is also found on myspace and rockfreeway and Party105 FM

Set List

Take Him out of your heart, U Did Me Wrong, Remember, Callin' All Girlz, Let Me Go, Won't Last Long

My sets are about 20 Minutes long and about 2 of them depending on the venue or showcase. When I play mostly cover venues, I play for about 3 hours with breaks and intermingle covers and some of my originals.

If I do covers, Alicia Keys "Fallin", Kelly Clarkson "Walk Away", No Doubt "Just a Girl" and "Dont Speak", WHitney Houston " I will Always Love You", Evanescence "Bring Me To LIfe"--it all varies depending on the show. I perform everything from the Eagles, Journey, Martina McBride, Billy Joel, Rolling STones to all the greats of today and past.