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Christina's voice with Avril's music. An upbeat AC and alt. rock.



This 18 year old singer/songwriter Elysia has been singing since the age of five. Originally born in Toronto, Canada, Elysia moved to Ohio, where she has lived for about 13 years. She is also an Avon Lake High School graduate of 2004, and what she wants more than ever is to turn music into a career for herself.

Before it all began, Elysia had other performing experience taking part in “The Nutcracker” and “Oliver”, (and even though she's 5'5'') modeling (through Stone Agency and Talent Group). Elysia always participated in choirs, singing in her church choir as a child to school choirs such as Da Cantari and Chorale (top high school choir), and also sang with the “Singing Angels of Cleveland” for two years from 1999-2000.

From her experience in the International Model Talent Agency in Los Angeles of January 2002, Elysia decided to pursue a career in singing. She began singing other artists’ songs and showcased at the Mid-Western Music and Film Conference in Lexington, KY (August 2002). Later, Elysia became the lead vocalist for the “Poppys” for 3 months (formerly known as the “Greenhouse 27”). The songwriter for the “Greenhouse 27”, Jack Dean was signed to a publishing deal with Warner Chappell.

Elysia soon realized that her true passion for music was within her own songwriting, and therefore, Elysia started writing her own songs in July 2002, boosting her off to a solo career . Soon enough, she worked with a local gold and platinum selling producer, Mike Seifert, completing her four-song CD demo,"What's the Meaning". During the recording of her demo, Elysia (lyricist/melody) met the very talented Jimmy Weaver (guitarist/music). Realizing each others' talents, the two began writing songs together. In August 2003 they completed their 1st 10-song CD named "Feels Like" with Grammy nominee producer Simon Illa (signed with Warner Chappell), Simon Illa Music, Inc. from Philadelphia on December 2003.

In the beginning of the summer of 2004, Elysia started a band including band members: Jimmy Weaver (acoustic), Andrew Kilmartin (drums), and Andrew Arbogast (bass). After one week of rehersal, the band played their first show on 96.7 fm live in Jackson, Ohio. (96.7 fm covers parts of Southern Ohio, Virginia, and Kentucky)

Elysia and the band continued to play shows at many local venues including: Agora, Around the Corner, Akron Lock 3, Jillians, Tower City Mall, The Symposium, The Pirates Cove, Great Northern Mall, Midway Mall, South Park Mall, Galleria Mall, and Florida showcase.

Elysia's old demo, "What's the Meaning", has been licensed to MTV for their Real World and Road Rules shows. Some of her songs should be airing on the new Real World season of 2004.

Her father/manager also sent the song, "Feels Like" (written by Elysia and Jimmy) in VH1's School of Rock competition. A while later, Elysia received a letter saying that they are the top ten nationally. The grand prize winner will receive a music video made by Paramount Pictures. No information has yet been received on who the grand prize winner will be.

Her father/manager decided to do a national promotion of one song, "Feels Like". Last heard, "Feels Like" is playing in about 25 states.

Channel 3 will be doing a two 4 minute news documentary on Elysia and Jimmy showing the good times and the hard times of trying to make it in the music world.

From August 13-17 and November 19-21, each band member flew to L.A. to record a 4-song demo with Dito Godwin (producer of No Doubt, Motley Crue, The Great White, and Kiss). This four-song demo represents my ultimate musical direction, which will eventually be shopped around to the major labels. Elysia is also supposed to return to California every weekend for 4 weeks to prepare herself for showcasing in front of the major labels.



Written By: Elysia Hang-Fu and Jim Weaver


You watch over me..
Though I cannot see
I know you're there
Besides the prayers
my questions flee
Misunderstanding everything
unclear to me

Why...can you feel
everything that flies
through my soul
How....do you know
everything, everything
that's unknown

My mind it wonders
where I've been
and what the future
holds within
But you have always
known the truth
and what path lay before me
and which I'll choose



Chorus 2x

everything everything...
everything everything...
everything everything...
that's unknown...

My Everyday

Written By: Elysia Hang-Fu, Jim Weaver

"My Every Day"

I'm reaching out
It's so close now
but in truth it's
hundreds of miles away
That's too far
but I'm trying
I'm digging
crawling my way
It's so cold
The air has no
mercy fighting me
but I'm strong
Still standing
no matter what
pulls on me

You can't chain my
feet to the ground
I'm in the air and I'm flying
Let me live my way
It's my life my every day

Don't tell me
how to be
or what I should
share with the world
That's not fair
I thought what's right
is to follow my dream
but not you
You try to build
walls around me
It's too late
Broke through whatever
stood in my way


What gives you
the right to
speak above me
when you're not the one
Who wakes up
Wanting one thing
I want...want



Off The Ground

Written By: Elysia Hang-Fu and Jim Weaver

"Off the Ground"

What have I done
to lead me to this
I cannot run
Fallin' through fates door
All I can see
is you holding me
Don't let me go
Need you now
Pick me up off the ground

I was in the car all alone
Time's fading
Foot still on the gas
I'm speeding
down the road
where's the road
Blinded by the tears
I close my eyes
and open them to
these bright lights
Loosing control
I'm spinning


Looking in your eyes
Don't be scared
I'm alright
Feeling safe cause
you are with me
You're sorry
I'm sorry
I'm not going
anywhere soon
So dry your tears
and break away
from the sadness
Show me a smile
I'm still here


The ground...
I need you now...
Need you now...


Pick me up
off of the ground
Pick me up
off of the ground


"What's The Meaning" - Licensed to MTV's "The Real World"
1. Deeper
2. Game of Love
3. What's The Meaning
4. Don't Like It

"Feels Like"
1 Always the Same . [mp3] .
2 Feels Like . [mp3] . - airplay in 25 markets
3 An Angel . [mp3] .
4 Misplaced . [mp3] .
5 Leaving . [mp3] .
6 Without You . [mp3] .
7 Take Me . [mp3] .
8 They . [mp3] .
9 Why Am I . [mp3] .
10 Letting You Go

Set List

15-18 originals