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The best kept secret in music


“Elysian Sex Drive brings their unique, percussion based music to the Five O’Clock Club...This first rate band, made up of four locally talented woman, has earned a dedicated following that’s as diverse as the group’s repertiore. Their sound is simultaneously a blend of rock, funk, alternative and new-age inspired tunes. Their gift for building a rapport with their audience make this band deliver a hot, entertaining and sensual musical performance. After one session with this foursome you’ll love them as much as we do.”
- Blue Notes 1997

“ESD you might recall is a sensuous, evocative and wordly swirl of rhythm. The talented female four create a deep, emotional, on-stage environ that is simply enchanting.”
- Sarasota Herald Tribune 1998

“Did I mention Elysian Sex Drive is fun to watch? They love to play with the audience and with each other. DeL practically does backbends off the tiny stage and everyone drops to their knees, leaps off the stage and works at differing levels like a good dance troupe. They have the self assured stage presence of stars playing to an SRO arena....While I talked to them last month a fan came up and said, ’If you all keep up that beat this whole town will be rocking.’ Indeed! Listen up Sarasota, Elysian Sex Drive is so hot, so creative and so impassioned they won’t stay a local treasure for long.”

- Sarasota ARTS Review 1998

“Sarasota based Elysian Sex Drive is one of the more original rock bands on the local scene. The strong, self-penned material and spirited live shows, led by provocative front woman DeLaran...have earned the... band a loyal following.”
- The Bradenton Herald 2004

“The band’s sound can’t be pigeonholed. Often loud and intense, Elysian has no trouble playing a traditional rock venue like the Five O” Clock Club. (With her outrageously skinny torso and bushy hair pulled straight back from her face, DeLaran is a compelling presence on stage, jumping and stomping when she’s on guitar and gyrating wildly when she’s not.) Funky as well, the band could easily fit into any area night club. And the night I caught them at Metro, they won over an audience who had presumably come for the relaxed cofeehouse vibe.”
- Sarasota Weekly Planet 2005


Live at the Five'O


Feeling a bit camera shy


1993: Elysian Sex Drive was conceived by guitarist/songwriter DeLaran. Joined by drummer Claire Franklin, already a veteran of the Tampa music scene, the two quickly became the dynamic duo of Sarasota. Our first gig was two weeks after conception, in Washington, DC at American University. In those two weeks we wrote enough material to play an hour and 1/2 set. DeLaran became a singer.

Upon returning to Sarasota, ESD quickly became a big draw, playing all of Sarasota's premiere venues. We racked up miles on the Toyo van as we frequently traveled to Tampa, St. Petersberg, Clearwater and Key West.

1994: We added the soulful vocal talent of Kat Whitestar and percussive genius of Pamela Fetterman. That year we played our first women's festival in North Carolina. That was the beginning of our circulation on the women's music circuit. We traveled to Kansas, Virginia, Maine and Georgia gathering a loyal following. We had the opportunity to record a 3 song demo with Mark Penske(Frank Zappa's engineer) in Gainesville, Fl. We recieve airplay on 88.5 in Tampa.

1995: Claire left Elysian. Her position was filled by Debbie Bianchi. In the next 5 years, Elysian held down many house gigs in Sarastoa. We were playing 3 and 4 times a week in Sarasota. We had made a name for ourselves in southwest Florida. Maintaining a house gig at the Five O'Clock Club, the West End and Kanega. We continued to travel the women's festival circuit. We released our full length album "live at the 5'O" in April 1999. We played big events in Sarasota, Tampa and Clearwater.

2000: Debbie leaves the band.

2001: Kat and Pam leave the band. DeLaran continues. This was the year of the revolving door. Many musicians came and went. Elysian continued to gig.

2002: Evan Katz and Dan "Duckie" Garrido join Elysian. Evan on bass, "Duckie" on drums. ESD would remain a trio until Amanda Schurr climbed on board in 2003 as second vocal. We maintained regular gigs at the Five O'Clock Club, Speakeasy and Silver Cricket in Sarasota as well as travelling to Fort Myers and Naples.

2003: Elysian releases two EP's.

2004: "Duckie" leaves Elysian. Drummer Claire Franklin returns. Amanda leaves and Kat Whitestar returns. Elysian is almost in its original format. We never missed a gig.

2006: Lova Michelle brings her talent as musician and songwriter to Elysian. Pamela Fetterman returns. We are now six. Elysian has come full circle, plus 2. We are currently working on our new full length album "Liberation thru Vibration" We continue to gig in Sarasota, Jacksonville and Ft. Lauderdale and Georgia. We are very excited about the music, the line-up, the recording and the journey itself.
That guitar was the GREATEST thing I’d ever pulled off a wall. I would sit for hours plucking out melodies and writing songs on a gutiar that had neverbeen tuned. It didn’t matter to me then. I was expressing. I was coping. I was becoming. I was realizing myself and my vision. Music was my solace, my catharsis, my church, my truth. There, in the music ANYTHING was possilbe. I wanted to share that feeling. I wanted to give back what I’d gotten.

I’m a left-handed, self-taught drummer who has been a fixture on the Tampa Bay music scene since the early ‘90’s. I am best known for my contributions to the bands: Bullwinkle, Frog & Flower, and Chime. After a 9 year separation,
I have retured to ESD. Many describe my style of drumming as tribal and melodic. I am honored to provide the solid backbeat to ESD’s sound
and vision.

Kat White Star:
I am best known for my deep, soulful voice and a capella style. When I met DeL she said, “That’s the voice that goes with my guitar!” And so it is!!
I am influenced heavily by Sweet Honey in the Rock, Bobby McFerrin, Patsy Cline and Ella Fitzgerald. When I left Elysian I journeyed to find my own voice and style. The result: a spiritual a capella CD called “Sum of One.”I am happy to return to the band & music that continues to inspire me.

I’m a banker by day. But really, I’m a drummer, turned percussionist, turned bass player. I’m the most uptight, laid back guy you’ll ever meet. I love music, which is why I wanted to play with ESD. They reminded me of Dave Matthews.
I’m a huge DMB fan. When I moved from New York I left my drums behind thinking I wouldn’t have the opportunity to play music, until I met DeLaran at
Starbuck’s. She convinced me to get my drums down here. Now I play bass.

Nancy Wilson was my inspiration to buy my first guitar, an Ovation of course. I spent many years working with singers, writing music, performing, forming bands, recording and forming more bands. Blue Earth River, Frog and Flower, and Chime kept me very busy for many years. My passion for music is the driving force in my life. I bought a keyboard after quitting Chime as a means to feed that passion thinking I wouldn’t have