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"Could it be Magic?"

"Esd... is a sensuous, evocative and worldy swirl of rhythm. The [group] creates a deep, emotional, on stage environ that is simply enchanting." - Sarasota Herald Tribune- Dawn Scire, 1998

"Two Fer Tuesdays"

"Elysian Sex Drive brings their unique, percussion based music to the Five O Clock Club...This first rate band... has earned a dedicated following that's as diverse as the group's repertoire. Their sound is simultaneously a blend of rock, funk, alternative and new age inspired tunes. Their gift for building a rapport with their audience make this band deliver a hot, entertaining and sensual musical performance." - Blue Notes, 1997

"Elysian Sex Drive"

"Sarasota based Elysian Sex Drive is one of the more original rock bands on the local scene. the strong, self-penned material and spirited live shows, led by provocative front woman DeLaran... have earned the band a loyal following." - WEEKEND,The Bradenton Herald, 2004

"Self Assured Stage Presence of Stars"

"Did I mention Elysian Sex Drive is fun to watch? They love to play with the audience and with each other. DeL practically does backbends off the tiny stage and everyone drops to their knees, leaps off the stage and works at differing levels like a good dance troupe. They have the self assured stage presence of stars playing to an... arena....While I talked to them last month a fan came up and said, 'If you all keep up that beat this whole town will be rocking.' Indeed! Listen up Sarasota, Elysian Sex Drive is so hot, so creative and so impassioned they won't stay a local treasure for long." - Sarasota ARTS Review, 1998

""All Together Now!""

"The band's sound can't be pigeonholed. Often...intense, Elysian has no trouble playing a traditional rock venue like the Five O' Clock Club. (With her outrageously skinny torso...DeLaran is a compelling presence on stage, jumping and stomping when she's on guitar and gyrating wildly when she's not.) Funky as well, the band could easily fit into any area night club. And the night I caught them at Metro, they won over the audience who had presumably come for the relaxed coffeehouse vibe." - Sarasota Weekly Planet 2005

"“Sarapalooza”: 35 bands celebrate the release of the Sarasota music scene comp Noise Ordinance at the Cock & Bull"

Claire Franklin [drummer for the band Elysian Sex Drive]first came up with idea of producing a compilation documenting the current Sarasota music scene while vacationing in California, musing about all the talented bands and artists that are making this one of the most exciting eras in Suncoast music. But even she was shocked at the number of quality artists that stepped forward to contribute to the album once she made her idea public. A one-disc comp quickly grew into a two-disc one. “I knew it was going to be big, but it’s even bigger than I would have thought,” Franklin says. “I’m still getting bands coming up to me, saying, ‘Ah, I didn’t know about it.’ I could have done four CDs.”

Franklin just had three rules while picking tracks: You have to be from the 941, you have to play live shows and you have to play original tunes. The final tracklist runs 38 songs long, and 35 artists perform this Saturday as part of an all-day compilation release party at the Cock & Bull Pub.

The momentum behind the comp and the party took on a life of its own. Local musician and artist Greg Ferris, who plays in The Equines, remembers discussing the idea with Franklin: “She ran it by me — a skeleton of the logistics — and I was like, ‘Yeah, I guess it could work.’ And then it just kind of started happening.” Ferris designed all the artwork for the album — which would eventually take the name Noise Ordinance, after a Facebook post soliciting name help — and the record label run by the collective Ferris is a part of (Finch House Records) is officially releasing the LP. The Equines also cut a new track for the compilation, “Emily Says,” which kicks the whole thing off.

Franklin says the collaborative nature of the release reflects the supportive community that local musicians have built. “Everybody’s working together,” she says, “to try to build a scene, to try to share information and book each other and take each other out of town. There’s a camaraderie happening within the original scene.”

With that companionship also comes an increasing level of professionalism. “I’m actually older than the majority of all the band members,” says Eddie Midler, the optical director at Eye Center South and a major organizer behind the CD and the party, “but what I’m seeing is the band members are younger, but a lot of them are professional. They’re not hardcore punk bands; they’re not rowdy and doing drugs on the street. They’re doing their art and they love what they want to do, and that’s why I got involved, because I wanted to help see the artists get their art on the street.”

“I’ve lived here 18 years,” Midler adds, “and I’ve never seen this kind of response.” Franklin, who has been a part of the Sarasota music scene for over a decade, says it all stems from the talent, and thinks government leadership needs to get behind it. The name Noise Ordinance wasn’t a political choice, but it’s become one, as Franklin has had to battle county authorities to make sure they won’t get ticketed this Saturday. “Maybe there’s a way that we can make it work a little better for everybody,” Franklin says. “We don’t want to cause a mass disturbance, but then again we want to be able to play. And maybe that’s what this disc is all about. Show the community, ‘Look what we have here, people. We need to nurture this. This is a special thing.’”
- Creative Loafing, February 15th, 2010 by Cooper Levey-Baker


Live at the Five O- live CD 1999
A Note to the Alchemist- studio CD May 3, 2008
4 Ep's in between
New 4 song EP released 2012
Upcoming album release planned 2012



We are grateful for the opportunities that present themselves, THANK YOU in advance!!!!

"The term 'Wall of Sound' has been used by a friend of mine to describe bands like this. It amply applies here... This is one of those rare acts that puts music back where it should be- in the soul. An elysian sex drive show is an unforgettable experience." Richard Boswell, "The Beenie Weenies"

"In my 20 years in this business, I have never seen or heard a group who plays with as much heartfelt passion. This band is as good as it gets, and believe me, I've seen A LOT!" -Doug Ollis, keyboardest for Alabama & Director of marketing for Cook Sound Studios

"Esd's exciting and innovative music has captivated my customers for seven years. When they take the stage, their energy and ethusiasm lights up the club." -George Generoso, Owner Five O Clock Club

Elysian sex drive exploded into the Sarasota music scene in 1993. The dynamic duo-DeLaran on guitar(s) and vocals, Claire Franklin on drums were together 2 weeks when their first gig in Washington, DC was booked. Scrambling to get enough material (and gas money) together, to be a part of history, (the March on Washington)-they dedicated all their waking hours-sleeping very little- to these ends. Upon their return, Sarasota was buzzing with excitement about the new kids in town-"the girl band who ROCKS!" ESD became pioneers in the Sarasota music and social scene, creating an opening for other artists.

The band was formed with the hope and intent of being a part of and precipitating a social and spiritual revolution. A movement toward peace. DeLaran's tribal vision of the band and its music is a powerful invocation of the human spirit, with songs like "Wake!" and "(The Answer is) Why". The dynamics of the music are a reflection of life-its unpredictability, its brilliance and silliness, its beautiful tragedies, its aloneness and its oneness.

Stirring the Soup of the Soul:
Joining the band later in 1993 was vocalist Kat White Star and percussionist Pam Fetterman. The now two distinctive vocals of the band (DeLaran & Kat) create a synergy of silky erotic textures that lifts and inspires audiences and signifies the band's unique sound.

As a tribe and band we grew to what now numbers 6 of us. Evan Katz joined esd on bass in 2002 and Lova Michelle on keys, guitar and vocals in 2006, both expanding the sound and creative dimensions of the band. This month (April 2012) Evan Katz is retiring as our bass player and we welcome in the new energy and musicianship of Bri Hays on bass and guitar.

Fast forward to 2010-11: THIS BAND HAS STARTED A LOCAL REVOLUTION! Spearheading the revitalization of the local music scene in Sarasota, Elysian Sex Drive's members are responsible for creating a double disc compilation of 38 local artists called Noise Ordinance that has changed the face of Sarasota's local scene from Underground to IN YOUR FACE! Following the great success of Noise Ordinance 1, we produced Noise Ordinance 2, released April 23, 2011. We are on both compilations and are currently working on Noise Ordinance 3- 2012.

We are currently in the studio recording a new album with a release date in 2012. We have released a 4 song EP of songs expected to be on this album: Accelerator, Human Sea, Like Artists Do, and Reverie.

The more complex comings and goings of esd will have to be saved for the movie...

Visit us www.elysiansexdrive.com
or @ myspace.com/elysiansexdrive